SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition

Collecting and analysing real-time data

One of the most important points for seamless communication is innovative connection management. That is possible with the INSYS Smart Devices.

Added value

  • Monitoring, controlling and optimising plants

  • Adjustable to all situations

  • Transmitting data easily via cellular radio without complex radio data technology

  • Investment protection because plants are able to “grow”

SCADA systems collect and monitor data from distributed facilities and measuring points automated. IEC 62264 and DIN EN 62264 assign SCADA systems to the process control level (level 2) in the automation pyramid.

Fields of application

  • Energy transport via extensive networks (power, oil, gas)
  • Water/sewage management
  • Building management systems
  • Environmental measuring technology and monitoring
  • Process data processing and visualisation
  • Network control technology
  • Traffic engineering (signal systems)

Field and client level
Process controllers communicate with the field devices for data collection via field buses on field level. Users intervene for corrective action on client level.
Field and client level are connected via private or public data networks (Ethernet, DSL, telephone, mobile radio). A seamless communication is not always provided.


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