Smart-Filter-Press: Monitoring and remote maintenance of filter presses

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AQUACHEM filter presses enable fully automatic 24/7 operation

„With the innovative and secure solution from INSYS icom, we have taken the first step towards our vision of smart filter presses. Remote maintenance saves us time and money – but more importantly, the solution protects the health and safety of the maintenance staff and is thus a win-win situation.“

Andreas Grandy
Head of IT at AQUACHEM

AQUACHEM GmbH Separationstechnik

AQUACHEM GmbH Separationstechnik

AQUACHEM GmbH Separationstechnik realise holistic filtration solutions and is specialised in the development and production of manual as well as partially and fully automated filter presses. They are one of the leading suppliers and developers of fully automatic filter systems. The products are used worldwide in a wide variety of applications and can be found, for example, in the concrete industry, flue gas cleaning, chemical and wastewater filtration or in the ECM sector.

Machines in environments that are harmful to health

AQUACHEM produces fully automatic filter systems (AF) for solid-liquid separation. Uses for these systems include desludging in steel mills, removing solids in special wastewater treatment plants, removing metal parts in manufacturing or for cleaning wastewater in power plants. The press continuously produces and discharges filter cake safely without the presence of an operator with a guaranteed machine availability of up to 98 %. It also make leakage of the wastewater solids a thing of the past. Filter cycles generally function automatically, but for technical support, the operator may manually intervene. Specifically for working environments with high safety levels, access to the filter press must be reduced to a minimum in order to avoid contact with radioactive substances, corrosive liquids or toxic chemicals under all circumstances.

Remote maintenance and condition monitoring solution from INSYS icom

Products from INSYS icom help AQUACHEM provide a maintenance solution that enables remote monitoring of the filter presses. This solution forms a communication backbone between the VFP and the company network of AQUACHEM. The operating data can be delivered and evaluated via a cloud portal. Thus, in the event of a malfunction, the problem can be quickly identified and rectified, returning the system fault-free, normal operation. In addition, manual interventions in complex working environments are reduced to a minimum, which both reduces efforts and costs and promotes employee safety. In addition, continuous status monitoring and data analysis can be carried out remotely.

Condition monitoring reduces costs

The fully automated operation of AF filter presses reduces not only labour costs but also time-to-access. In combination with a remote maintenance solution, the presses may be monitored to reduce the duration of regular maintenance rounds. This saves the customer time, reduces costs and also protects the maintenance staff, who now travel on-site only in the event of actual failures.

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