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Green Phy

Intelligent charging of electric vehicles – ISO 15118 and Powerline Green PHY™

The international ISO 15118 standard defines the intelligent charging of electric vehicles – smart charging – for AC and DC charging stations. Among other advantages this enables active charging control, plug & charge authentication, smart grid integration and other services.
In smart charging, the charging station (EVSE) communicates with the electric vehicle (PEV) via a charging cable using the HomePlug Green PHY™ powerline standard in accordance with ISO15118-3.

INSYS Powerline GP

Green Phy – INSYS Powerline GP

Data transmission in accordance with ISO 15118-3 and DIN SPEC 7012

The INSYS Powerline GP establishes a point-to-point connection between the charging station and the electric vehicle via a Green PHY™ powerline connection. This enables the EVSE controller (SECC) to communicate with the vehicle (PEV) via an Ethernet link in accordance with ISO 15118.

Plug & Play

The compact design and standardised interfaces provide support during use in your charging station solution.
The device is immediately ready for use without initial configuration.

SLAC integrated

The integrated EVSE-side SLAC (in accordance with ISO 15118-3 and DIN SPEC 7012) controls the association between the vehicle and the charging station. This reduces the time-critical real-time demands on the SECC and enables, among other things, the simultaneous control of several charging processes.

Compatible with AC and DC charging

You can use the INSYS Powerline GP in both AC and DC charging stations – thanks to the coupling of the powerline signal on the pilot conductor of the charging cable.

  • Communication via the powerline standard HomePlug Green PHY™
  • SLAC in accordance with ISO 15118-3 for the vehicle <> charging station association process
  • Compatible with AC and DC charging stations
  • Extended temperature range
  • Mountable on DIN top hat rail

Implementation of the ISO/OSI communication layers 1 (physical layer) and 2 (data link layer) in accordance with ISO 15118-3.
Integrated support for SLAC (Signal Level Attenuation Characterization).

Circuit diagram AC:

Circuit diagram DC:

Available services for these products

  • Training and consulting on e-mobility solutions
  • Support for level optimisation at charging stations (AttenRxEVSE)

Comprehensive technical information can be found here:

Customer-specific solutions for e-mobility

“Electromobility is one of the essential building blocks of urban progress. Worldwide growth rates are fast-paced. In addition to appropriate vehicles, a prerequisite for this is a nationwide and reliably functioning charging infrastructure. Central control and communication devices based on uniform standards are the key to success.
With our expertise in electromobility as a development partner we have for more than 10 years been developing and supplying innovative and high-performance products for communication and control at the charging station. Contact us – e-mobility is our business.”

Anna Wels, Vice President Market Unit icom

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Frequently asked questions

What is GreenPHY?

GreenPHY is the communication protocol utilized in the global electric vehicle charging standard CCS. It enables fast and efficient information exchange between electric vehicles and charging stations. By employing GreenPHY, electric vehicle charging becomes more standardized and reliable.

What is the difference between HomePlug AV and HomePlug GP?

The main difference between HomePlug AV and HomePlug GP lies in their peak physical layer (PHY) data rates. While HomePlug AV supports up to 200 Mbps, HomePlug GP offers a peak PHY data rate of 10 Mbps. This distinction determines the speed and bandwidth capabilities of each technology.

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