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Device management

icom Router Management (iRM)

Manage and operate communication devices and configurations globally

Digitalisation allows monitoring, administration and remote operation of facilities, plants and infrastructure securely and from any location. iRM for all routers running icom OS allows rolling out firmware, configurations, security certificates and apps where, when and how you want, at minimum cost and efforts.

With the icom Router Management from INSYS icom, you can manage your routers easily and centrally from a distance.

The challenge: device management and software updates

The key factor for reliability and functionality is the software. Similar to smartphones or computers, there are many good reasons to keep operating systems, configurations or applications up to date. You might need to adjust parameters, implement new features, address known vulnerabilities, follow required regulations or meet certification criteria – all this requires updates. At the same time, these should be carried out in a plannable, secure and efficient manner with as little effort as possible, without in-depth IT knowledge.

The solution: global, overall management

Similar to an update for Android, iOS or Windows, INSYS icom communication devices can easily be updated remotely, based on multiple criteria, in a flexible and terminable fashion. Updates can be created and rolled out without requiring any technician to be on site and providing you with comprehensive logging. This ensures any change request to be executed swiftly and upcoming new features to be implemented flexibly to increase your capabilities and maximize hardware lifecycles. You can either execute a mass update across any router population or create granular update packages for specific devices. iRM serves any router running icom OS in various operating architectures for different environments.

Main advantages

  • Cost reduction in terms of TCO, and by not requiring service providers
  • Simple installation, licensing, setup and administration
  • Time savings by browser-based management
  • Granular control features for flexibility and accommodation of update processes
  • Almost unlimited scalability
  • Add and extend on-site features (edge computing)
  • Adjust to security concepts (WebSocket and X.509)
  • Integrate with existing configuration management via APIs

The process for updates and rollouts


You can take advantage of iRM through our ISO-certified cloud environment: simply utilize the interface to get going. Should you operate critical infrastructure, we recommend the Server Edition, which is deployed on premises and integrates straight with your existing IT solutions and update processes. Lastly, we also provide the Data Center Edition for very large environments or a plethora of locations. It brings in additional technology support and facilitates scaling.


1 to beyond 20.000 devices

  • Setup within minutes
  • Fast registration of routers
  • Licensing includes installation or maintenance
  • Web services API (REST)


ISO27001 certified data centre in Germany


500 to 1.500 devices

  • Operation on premises
  • Suitable for critical infrastructure (KRITIS)
  • Easy installation and operation of router management
  • Meets most corporate IT requirements


Customer solution based on Linux or Windows

Data Center

1.000 to beyond 20.000 devices

  • Operates on premises, in data centres or private cloud
  • Scalable to huge and complex network environments
  • Accommodates load balancers, proxy servers, redundancy
  • Flexible to replace default components with customer-specific elements


Linux Kubernetes Cluster, Azure AKS, Google GKE, Amazon EKS as hybrid solution, Postgres database server and S3-compatible storage. Customer specific furnishing.

Rates for the Cloud variant

Various rate plans are available for the Cloud variant. Choose below which rate is best suited to your needs.

The Free rate in the cloud version of the icom router management from INSYS icom enables the free management of max. 1000 devices.
The icom Router Management Cloud Basic rate allows users a wide range of functions and the management of an unlimited number of devices.

Industry examples

Any router with icom OS is ready for iRM and fully supports updates and rollouts. Any industry and any application that requires monitoring, remote maintenance and remote control features will take advantage of the entire iRM feature set. Take different types of facilities, infrastructure or production sites as typical examples.

The following examples dive into typical challenges and the resulting advantages provided by iRM:

Mechanical engineering

Industry challenges

  • Competition, also for service business
  • Creation of new business models (full service)
  • Pressure to innovate
  • Strong focus on TCO

Advantages through iRM

  • Automation / mass updates
  • Response to security threats
  • Deploy edge computing features on site
  • Simplification of device management and in after sales services
  • Unified management of IT and OT, even with limited IT expertise
Gas networks can be digitised easily and efficiently with a complete solution from a single source from INSYS icom, consisting of routers, software and service.

Technical Features

Browser-based- Web portal, English and German, using https
- For setup and maintenance
- User profile and organisation management
Monitoring and administration- Online status of routers in device list
- Groups, filters and search help sort and select routers
- Router event details provide recent update history
Fast and transparent updates- Immediate or on-demand updates (after-hour maintenance)
- Specific updates can be realised through command line interface templates
Meets corporate IT requirements- Web services APIs available to integrate with existing update workflows
- IT compatibility with OT integration
Updating of all aspects of software- Firmware/router OS
- Configurations
- Security certificates
- Applications through updates of Linux containers (edge computing)
Online resource management- Pre-populated with certified firmware to protect against data tampering
- Separate router update creation from update execution
- Router update history helps diagnose network problems
Complex updates made easy- Mass update the entire router population
- Individual updating
- Design and store custom update packets that include a mix of update file types
- Container software offer advanced update possibilities
- Sample configurations available
Robust security concept- Public Key infrastructure
- WebSocket protocol
- IT-proven procedures for maintaining secure operation

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