Product overview

Why you need icom Router Management:
Requirements change!


Individual 1:1 support

Manual administration

IT security: Nice to have



1:many fleet management

Automated and centralised management

IT security: Mandatory/MUST, regulated and authority-driven


Your advantages of icom Router Management

Time saving

Fleet instead of individual administration

Error prevention

Uniform & automated processes

Increased security

Always up-to-date firmware and certificates

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Functional overview of router management

Monitor router fleet


Insys Icom Irm Router Management Routerflotte Ueberwachen

Keep routers up to date & secure

Updates of firmware, certificates, software

Perform mass rollouts

Startup/Running Configuration

Keep all routers up-to-date and secure with granular updates

Individual selection



Update packages are suitable for this purpose:

  • Keep firmware up to date

  • Renew certificates

  • Individualised mass rollouts

These elements can be included in an update package

  • Configurations

  • Certificates

  • Software containers

  • Configuration snippets

  • Firmware

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Configure router individually with configuration templates

Individual configuration of the device

Group-specific configuration

Device-individual configuration with group settings

With configuration templates, router-individual configurations can be created automatically and rolled out in a mass configuration. The individual information for the template is stored in so-called “custom fields” at the units. Individualisation can take place for individual devices, device groups or the entire fleet.

Cloud or on-premises installation

The cloud variant is completely operated and administered by INSYS icom, as this is the most convenient and efficient form of use for most users. The user interface is publicly accessible and can be used after registration. In the environment of critical infrastructure or critical production, an on premises installation in a private network can be useful. The on premises variants Server (administration up to 1,500 routers) and Data Centre (use from 1,000 routers) are available. On Premises installations are associated with additional effort for installation, operation and administration.


1 to over 20,000 devices

  • Setup in minutes

  • 45 days free trial

  • Free” tariff permanently free of charge

  • Connection to third-party systems (REST API)

  • Best price/performance ratio

  • Largest range of functions


  • Cloud data centre in Germany (ISO 27001 certified)
  • 24/7 operation and maintenance by INSYS icom


500 to 1,500 devices

  • For critical infrastructures

  • Integration into existing IT infrastructure

  • Connection to third-party systems (REST API)

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Easy installation and setup



  • On Premises Installation for Linux Server

  • Installation in own IT infrastructure

  • Hosting, maintenance and operation under customer responsibility

  • Updates from INSYS icom

  • 2nd/3rd level support by INSYS icom

Data centre

1,000 to over 20,000 devices

  • For critical infrastructures

  • Installation in existing data centre or cloud infrastructure

  • Highly scalable for large device fleets

  • Connection to third-party systems (REST API)

  • Intuitive user interface


  • On-premises installation for Kubernetes clusters (public or private cloud)
  • Hosting, maintenance and operation under customer responsibility
  • Updates from INSYS icom
  • 2nd/3rd level support by INSYS icom

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Available iRM licences



Max. 1000 devices

For simple and decentralised
device monitoring and updates

– Licence fee 100% free of charge –

Main functions:

  • Firmware Update
  • Dashboard
  • Device details
  • Smart Updates



No device limit

For extended and professional
device management and IT security

– Automation of updates, rollouts and certificate management -.

Main functions:

  • Firmware Update
  • Dashboard
  • Device Details
  • Smart Updates
  • Update Packages
  • Audit Logs
  • Configuration Templates
  • Certificate Management
  • User Fields
  • Technical Support

Your added value

Configuration templates

Mass rollouts with individualised configuration


Firmware updates

Automated firmware updates for device groups. Feedback of update status and automatic repetition.


Certificate management

Central management of device certificates and CA


Audit logs

Auditable logs of all user actions on the system for full transparency and traceability


Device dashboard

Router status, location and FW status at a glance at all times



Easy integration with third-party systems e.g. ISMS, Secrets Management

Durch die flexiblen MRcards schafft der modulare Router MRX mit bis zu 17 Ethernet-Ports, seriellen Schnittstellen oder digitalen und analogen I/Os viele verschiedene Anwendungs-Schnittstellen.

Startup/Running Config

Increased security through two-step onboarding process


IT Security / CRITIS

Modern security architecture. Multi-level zone model. Strong encryption compliant with BSI TR-02102-2


All products and services are also regularly tested by an independent body. You can find out more here..

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Register and connect devices


45 days free trial


After the trial period, choose between the “Free” or “Basic” tariff plan and purchase licences. “Free” is permanently free of charge


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