Energy/gas networks

Data-based gas network management reduces costs and greenhouse gases

Section-by-section management makes gas networks “smart”.

For consumers, a reliable supply of gas is a matter of course. To ensure this, a relatively high pressure level in the pipeline networks is necessary. However, the required pressure is accompanied by a high level of gas leakage.

A smart gas network reduces these losses, which saves costs and maximises productive gas use, instead of causing wasted and climate-damaging emissions through leakage. In addition, the maintenance of the pipeline networks becomes more efficient.

Gas networks can be digitised easily and efficiently with a complete solution from a single source from INSYS icom, consisting of routers, software and service.

The challenge: gas pressure management for maximum security of supply

Methane gas is delivered to homes or businesses via branched pipeline networks. The necessary gas pressure is usually set very high, because the fuel supply with gas is considered system-critical: even with seasonal fluctuations in temperature or consumption, as well as during maintenance work, the demand must be covered all year round. However, so far the adjustment of this pressure has been based on fixed parameters for large network segments and its hardly ever adjusted.

The consequence is excess pressure so-called leakage: valuable gas escapes unused into the surrounding air and contributes to the greenhouse effect – many times more than CO2. This loss is taken into account by the supplier. It pushes up gas prices for commercial and private consumers without adding any value.

The solution: dynamic, demand-based gas network management

INSYS icom helps operators to increase the efficiency and ecology of existing and new gas supply networks down to the distribution network level. The intelligent use of sensor data, secure data communication and a remote maintenance solution reduces costs and achieves significant increases in efficiency. At the same time, security of supply benefits from optimised and plannable network maintenance.

The solution: reliable hardware, services and cloud connectivity

As an overall approach with configurable individual elements, INSYS icom enables the safe, fast and efficient digitalisation of gas supplies.

Smart routers

The modular routers for network monitoring and control provide flexible interfaces for data capture or remote maintenance. Secure connection pathways and specialised VPN solutions are possible.

  • Product concept with flexible interfaces for data capture or remote maintenance
  • Connection via DSL, WAN, LTE/5G or fibre (with optional redundancy)
  • Reliable power supply through redundant power supply and low power operating modes for use even at locations not supplied by the mains

Edge functionality paired with cloud solution

The operation of the gas network control is carried out via configurable modules of the icom Data Suite on the routers. Optionally, further software modules can be put into operation to enable edge functionality and map local intelligence. In addition, standard management solutions or cloud systems within existing strategies can be used.

  • Use of the icom Data Suite for interface handling, status handling and data exchange services for the implementation of sophisticated control and monitoring use cases without programming input.
  • Running of individual software in a secure Linux container environment (Edge environment)
  • Connection of cloud services such as Cumulocity for the bidirectional exchange of status and control data without the need for additional software.

Configurable services

Solutions from INSYS icom always draw on a wide range of services, with the help of which the implementation can be carried out quickly and safely, and the maintenance of the gateways can also be performed without significant input.

  • The VPN solutions of the icom Connectivity Suite provide secure data communication, on premises operation or as a complete service
  • icom Router Management enables the simple administration of even large numbers of routers
  • SIM service for flexible data communication via mobile networks for IoT and M2M applications

Gained in practice: Utonomy modernises gas supply operations with solutions of INSYS icom

“The INSYS icom products are perfectly adapted to our application for smart gas grids and operate on-site with a high level of reliability. We are delighted to be working with the highly experienced team of INSYS icom.”

Adam Kingdon
Managing Director
Utonomy Ltd., Southampton (UK)


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