Utonomy modernises gas supply operations

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Data use in the gas network saves costs and protects the climate

“The INSYS icom products are perfectly adapted to our application for smart gas grids and operate on-site with a high level of reliability. We are delighted to be working with the highly experienced team of INSYS icom.”

Adam Kingdon Managing Director

Utonomy Ltd., Southampton (UK)

Utonomy Ltd.

The British firm of Utonomy Ltd. digitalises the operation of gas supply grids using intelligent sensors, regulators and cloud communication. With its know-how the company contributes significantly to the decarbonisation and decentralisation of energy supplies.

Inefficient distribution of gas

Methane gas is supplied to companies and homes via branched pipe networks. The gas pressure required for the supply is usually set conservatively high, because gas networks are essential services: supplies must be guaranteed all year round, even if there are fluctuations in temperature or consumption. However, so far the setting of this pressure has been carried out manually, insufficiently often and without precision.

The result of the excess pressure is increased leakage, so that valuable gas escapes into the atmosphere and drives the greenhouse effect many times more strongly than CO2. The loss of gas must also be included in the planning and price calculations of the supplier. This pushes up the gas price unnecessarily for consumers and industry.

Data-based pressure regulation from the cloud

In order to reduce leakage, the pressure in gas networks needs to be adjusted at short intervals and on the basis of relevant data and criteria. Digitalisation in gas networks accordingly means optimising the pressure adjustment based on weather data, consumption statistics, public holidays, industrial requirements and other sources of information – without endangering the security of supply.

Utonomy links this data in a cloud system and uses intelligent algorithms to calculate optimum gas pressures for each section of the grid. The pressure regulation stations receive communication systems from INSYS icom, which ensure secure communication with the cloud and receive the pressure specifications. In addition to operational and system stability, IT security must also be taken into account, as the control systems must meet the requirements for critical infrastructures.

Data use opens up savings potential in gas supply

The commissioning of the INSYS icom industrial routers used for data communication is very easy. Convenient functions for cloud connection reduce the necessary software development to a minimum. In productive use, gas leakage is reduced to such an extent that development costs and structural adjustments to the gas network are negligible. The potential of the Utonomy solution thus includes climate protection and savings in running costs.

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