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Technical support

Fast support on technical matters

You work with an INSYS application and need competent technical support?

Our Quick Installation Guides, which you can find in the download area, provide helpful user guidance during start-up.

For configuration, use the inline help in the router’s web interface with helpful information on each individual parameter. To open the inline help simply click on “?” (display help text).
The online help provides further information on the relevant topics and can be accessed via the links in the inline help, or in the Help menu of the router’s web interface. Have a look at the online help for icom OS and icom Data Suite.

Configuration Guides show how our routers, services and apps are configured for typical applications. They help with the integration of our routers, services and apps into your overall system.


Our Customer Service Centre supports you:

  • in your planning
  • in start-up operations
  • with breakdowns
+49 (0) 941 58692-661

On duty: Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Tutorial - Videos

Watch our latest tutorial videos here.

Topic 1: icom Connectivity Suite
Do you have a router of the MRX, MRO, ECR or SCR series? Please have a look at the video tutorial number 1 for the operating system “icom OS”.

Do you have a router of the EBW, IMON, MoRoS or RSM series? Please have a look at the video tutorial number 2 for the operating system “INSYS OS”.

Topic 2: icom Data Suite
Do you have a router of the MRX, MRO, ECR or SCR series? Please have a look at the video tutorial number 3 for installation of icom Data Suite.

Online support connection to your PC

In special cases it can be helpful for our support employees to connect to your PC for problem analysis.

If this is necessary, please download the following programme:

Returns and complaints

If you would like to complain about one of our applications or return it for other reasons, you first need a return number (RMA number).  Before shipping, please request this from our Customer Service Centre using the contact options listed above.

Our support team will be happy to provide you with information about the return process.

Customer Feedback

Tell us your opinion and rate us in a short satisfaction survey.

Training courses

You would like to acquire more knowledge on specific topics?
Please check out our further training programmes and register for a course. Alternatively, special e-learning courses are also available.


Use OpenVPN to establish secure connections from your computer to INSYS routers and Device Apps. Download the latest version of the OpenVPN drivers verified by INSYS.
The latest drivers for different operating systems and further information can be found on the OpenVPN website.

Compute own networks quickly

Use this tool to show or compute the size of a network easily.
Simply enter the IP address and netmask to see the resulting IP address space.

Right up to date

The latest firmware version icom OS  is now available for downloading.

Important Advice
The MD5-Hash-Function for OpenVPN certificates will no longer be supported. Since icom OS version 3.7 the function is no longer available due to widely known security issues. Please read the corresponding Release Notes for detailed information.