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Technical support

Extended Support: – expert know-how as a service

In addition to support for all INSYS icom hardware and software, our Customer Service Centre also offers Extended Support for a wide range of topics as an individual service.

In this way we support you in extended environments of your INSYS icom hardware and software solution, and supplement these with analysis and extended configuration topics. You benefit from the many years of data communication expertise of our experienced team.

Our Extended Support is available to customers with INSYS hardware or software solutions. You can take advantage of this as a call-off service in line with individual requirements and orders, with billing based on time required. We work on the basis of a fixed hourly rate and call-off services on a half-hourly basis.

Please contact us with your support request at support@insys-icom.de

Compare our support options

Extended Support: Customers can use this service by agreement and for a fee according to the time required, for the following topics that go beyond the functions and configuration of the INSYS icom hardware and software, and relate to neighbouring environments or solutions as well as highly specialised use cases:

  • Legacy hardware such as analogue modems, GSM modems, Powerline, Powerline GP as well as accessories
  • INSYS icom Firmware and software with a focus on individual Lua scripts, legacy software (HSComm, VCom), sandbox programming, log file analyses independent of the product setup, analysis of network environments, detailed analyses of device operation as well as apps and cloud services, data point mapping within the INSYS Monitoring App or icom Data Suite, data visualisation with dashboards

  • Complex and limited product-related network topics including VPN infrastructures beyond INSYS-specific configurations, 3rd-party VPN, security checks

  • M2M SIM cards with reference to operation monitoring, on-request connections, specific notifications

  • Third-party components including assessment of connectivity topics, configuration of third-party devices, programming support (e.g. connected PLC), configuration and prototypical tasks in preparation for major rollouts

  • Reseller support for Connectivity Suite – VPN Enterprise

Standard Support: All customers receive general support for the following topics and signal strength issues.

  • INSYS icom routers with icom OS or INSYS OS, including accessories, commissioning, configuration, defect identification and support in the area of wireless communication.

  • icom Connectivity Suite (iCS) including router registration, PC registration, routing and security issues, connections to China, VPN topography basics, licensing issues

  • icom Router Management (iRM) including account management, router registration, update planning and implementation

  • icom Data Suite (iDS) including licensing, iDS container configuration, protocols, interfaces, basics of data capture
  • M2M SIM including tariffs, setup, connectivity issues, antenna configuration and signal strength issues

Hotline – contact data

Our Customer Service Center supports you:

  • in your planning
  • in start-up operations
  • with malfunctions
+49 (0) 941 58692-661

Available: Monday – Friday from 8:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00