Property management

The facility management of the future

Meter reading, energy management, vacancy checks: reliable and cost-effective

Every type of building requires management. In the simplest case this involves meter readings for water, gas and electricity. More complex tasks involve vacancy checks or energy management for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. However, the highly diverse landscape of metering and management solutions can be brought together in systems to create efficient facility management from a distance.

Inexpensive and reliable property management through meter reading, energy management and vacancy checks.

The task: enabling reliable facility management at low cost

Three requirements are hidden behind the terms property management or facility management: recording usage-dependent consumption, ensuring the intended use, and planning maintenance and servicing measures. Heating, water, ventilation, air conditioning or various building services are usually managed by different service providers, with a wide variety of standards and procedures being used.

It is necessary to bring together this wide range of services in such a way that the requirements of modern facility management are integrated in a modern management solution. As the size of locations grows, the potential for efficiency and cost savings through data-driven facility management increases significantly. For service, management and maintenance companies this creates expansions of their service offering in terms of digital facility management.

The solution: data communication with meters and the building’s technical equipment

There are providers for energy management or monitoring solutions in which a wide variety of meters and their data can be integrated. These provide metering data and/or a dashboard which create an overview for vacancy monitoring and consumption checks in the event of leaks or “tapping” of electricity or water. All the relevant meters are made fit for remote reading in advance; for this purpose, too, there are providers who offer software and electronics to enable connection to meters.

Finally, data communication requires routers with options for establishing connections to the internet as required: via WAN, DSL, fibre or mobile communication. The routers need to have suitable interfaces and support hardware interface converters in order to convert various meter protocols and to be able to transmit status or control data. This is where a partner with proven solutions expertise across a wide range of interfaces and data protocols can help you.

The solution: Elements of digital facility management

The inventory of all the meters to be integrated creates a map for the implementation of a data communication solution. The goal is to flexibly access status and consumption information from anywhere and to implement possible remote maintenance functions.

Solutions consulting for all building and location sizes n

For 27 years INSYS icom has been supporting customers in the fields of industry and infrastructure in digitalisation and IIoT projects. In-depth, partnership-based consulting and a high level of solutions flexibility are the key to digital transformation projects.

  • Extensive and in-depth expertise in the area of data communication using a wide range of interfaces from IT and proprietary protocols.
  • In-house portfolio ecosystem of internet routers, router management and software platform with options for the use of VPN solutions, edge and cloud computing in your facility management – Made in Germany.
  • Variable and even multiple internet connections via DSL, WAN, fibre or mobile radio for data communication, including a SIM service for Europe-wide data communication at widely distributed locations.
  • Use of standard cloud solutions or individual implementation of your requirements
  • Use of components from our solution partners as required, e.g. remote metering devices from Baer and energy monitoring solutions from Optenda.

Selection of gateways and modular services

Coordinated hardware and software components integrate all the management elements of your buildings into one solution.

  • Internet routers with a range of interfaces and performance scopes; optionally also with hardware interface converters
  • SIM service for flexible data communication via mobile networks
  • icom Data Suite for interface handling, status handling and data exchange services
  • Possible execution of individual software in a secure Linux container environment (edge computing) for solutions with local intelligence
  • VPN solutions for encrypted data communication
  • iRM router management for automated, efficient management of your hardware

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