VPN service

icom Connectivity Suite – VPN

Transparent remote access to plant and machinery

Quick and easy setup of a secure VPN connection for maintenance, control and data collection from installations worldwide

With the INSYS icom VPN service, you can securely connect your machines and plants worldwide.

The task: enabling remote access to machines anywhere in the world

Remote access to local networks, machines and systems is the basis for almost all IoT applications. VPN solutions need to be secure, flexible and easy to set up. In addition, it has to be possible to connect a large number of devices and the cost model must be transparent.

The solution: icom Connectivity Suite – VPN

The icom Connectivity Suite – VPN is an INSYS icom service for the simple and secure networking of locations, systems or mobile devices via a VPN network. The PCs and routers which are networked via the icom Connectivity Suite – VPN as well as the locally connected network devices (e.g. controls or measuring devices) are accessible in all networks. Simple rules can be used to define which participant is allowed to connect to whom and which connections are not possible. The integration and administration of the devices couldn’t be easier: configuration files and certificates are generated by the service and, thanks to the quick start wizard, automatically uploaded in the case of INSYS icom routers. Neither your own infrastructure nor IT specialists are required.

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2 licences permanently free of charge.


If required, purchase additional licences for further devices directly in the application.


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The main advantages

  • Easy setup and management
  • Transparent network monitoring with optional notifications
  • Current state always in view thanks to a status display for connections in use
  • Unlimited users and parallel connections as well as flexible licensing
  • Two free licences for an “always on” connection between PC and device
  • Reliable and transparent operation with operating time guarantee and unlimited data traffic
  • Secure connections thanks to two-factor authentication and multiple ISO 27001 certified computer centres
  • Security groups with configurable IP address, ports and protocols
  • China VPN with reliable access to devices in mainland China
  • Integration into the icom Data Suite for data collection and transmission and access to your own edge applications
  • Very high scalability
  • Competitive prices and predictable costs


icom Connectivity Suite is powered by multiple VPN Servers hosted within different data centres depending on customer demand. Most VPN servers are hosted and served by two different providers with data centres and headquarters located in Germany. icom Connectivity Suite also serves VPN to customers in Sweden from a provider data centre in Sweden. Last, of course, VPN access to devices in mainland China are served from an additional provider with a data centre in China and European offices in The Netherlands and Estonia.



Service operation and accounting management by INSYS icom

Computing infrastructure

Cloud service; DE-based ISO27001-certified computer centres

iCS – VPN Enterprise


Service operation by INSYS icom and accounting management by the iCS-VPN Enterprise customer

Computing infrastructure

Cloud service; INSYS icom or OEM (white label) brand user interface; monthly, usage-based licensing

iCS – VPN On-Premises


Service operation and accounting management by the iCS-VPN On-Premises customer

Computing infrastructure

Please contact the sales department for more information

Examples from industry

Any industry and any application that requires monitoring, remote maintenance and remote control features will take advantage of the entire iRM feature set. Take different types of facilities, infrastructure or production sites as typical examples.

The following examples dive into typical challenges and the resulting advantages provided by iCS – VPN:

Mechanical engineering

Industry challenges

  • Competitive pressure, also with service models
  • Creation of new business models (full service)
  • New technologies create pressure to innovate

Key benefits offered by the icom Connectivity Suite – VPN

  • Reliable, high-quality service for end customers
  • Minimisation of TCO
  • After-sales services at attractive prices
  • Easy prevention of downtime with predictive maintenance

Technichal details

Fast, intuitive set-up- Quick start wizard for VPN Industrial Routers from INSYS icom
- Scalable and highly available
- Intuitive, web-based operation
- No drivers required
Reliable operation- Network monitoring
- UDP or TCP protocol selection; configuration and certificate management
- Independence from the transmission medium: LAN, xDSL, mobile radio communication
- Unlimited parallel connections
- Reliable VPN access to devices in mainland China
- Integration into the icom Data Suite for data collection and transmission
- Round-the-clock support (24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year)
High scalability- Virtual addresses/netmapping save individual IP setup for each machine
- Intelligent use of IP filter rule sets for faster firewall decision making
- Intelligent network classification to minimise routing tables in large networks
- Intelligent routing within individual client accounts for more efficient communication
- Locally available for large, customer-specific installations
Transparent administration- Device, group and connection management
- Web proxy browser-based access for service technicians
- Log files for seamless reporting
- Transparent access to all network devices in the system
Robust security concept- Two-factor authentication
- Reliable open-source technology
- Configuration and certificate handling
- ISO 27001-certified cloud environment
- Administration of security groups
- Time-limited access
- Modern, secure transport layer security (TLS) with integrated certificate management
Uncomplicated licensing model - Depending on requirements: one-year, two-year or flexible licences
- Unlimited number of simultaneous users
- Service level agreement with 99.8 per cent guaranteed operating time
- Unlimited data traffic
- Integration into the icom Data Suite for data collection and transmission

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