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M2M SIM Service

The M2M SIM card from INSYS icom

The industrial SIM card with a management platform for M2M and IoT applications.

Industrial data communication requires a reliable internet connection. Mobile radio communication via modern technologies such as 4G sets the effective standard for M2M and IoT applications. Today, mobile radio communication offers the highest availability with great flexibility at the same time.

Comprehensive services such as the globally available SIM card from INSYS icom combine industry-leading reliability, high functionality, simple management and attractive tariff models. This allows you to focus on what counts most: your applications.

As an extension to its routers, with the M2M SIM Service INSYS icom offers a SIM card with worldwide data tariffs including its own administrative platform.

Why mobile radio communication?

Mobile radio communication is flexible, available and reliable for connecting machines and locations. Routers with mobile radio connections form the basis, while the M2M SIM card supplements the appropriate tariff models.

The M2M SIM cards from INSYS icom enable the flexible and reliable data connection of routers in the field


    Automatic roaming at home and abroad

    Global use of over 440 roaming providers and network operators worldwide Use in 190+ countries possible

    Parallel availability of multiple providers per country maximises availability and network coverage. Automatic connection to the best available network
    The volume of the SIM cards included in a specific tariff plan forms a common pool. This saves you unnecessary additional costs.
    Reliable, uncomplicated data communication and flexible use with attractive graduated prices according to data volumes.
    Management of your SIM cards via the management portal of the icom Connectivity Suite as well as the best possible integration of INSYS icom hardware and services.
    SIM cards in industrial quality are more robust than standard SIMs thanks to their extended temperature range from -40° to +105°C.

A one-stop management solution

The icom Connectivity Suite combines two integrated services in the area of external data connections for INSYS icom devices and environments in a one-stop management solution. The icom Connectivity Suite – VPN is an INSYS icom service for the simple and secure networking of locations, systems or mobile devices via a VPN network. The icom Connectivity Suite – M2M SIM is an INSYS icom service for the activation and management of all SIM cards.

Since INSYS icom not only provides you with a SIM card as hardware, but also with an attractive tariff plan and your own administrative portal, you no longer need to worry about anything and can keep track of all data and costs conveniently and easily.

This image shows a screenshot directly from the portal of the INSYS icom M2M SIM Service.



Alarm management for notification or action to be taken for selected events.


Historical usage overview for the entire account and for individual SIM cards


Documentation of user activities within the application


Attractive price scales for higher data volumes


Comprehensive cost management with cost-capping function thanks to a monthly data limit per SIM card

Network coverage

We offer network coverage in more than 190 countries worldwide. You can find an up-to-date overview of all networks and countries here.

With over 190 countries, INSYS icom not only offers worldwide network coverage with its M2M SIM Service, but can also provide an attractive cost structure thanks to a wide range of data tariffs.

Cost structure

  • Attractive graduated price model based on different data packages at a monthly price
  • Graduated prices from 10 MB to 20 GB volume per month
  • Attractive price structure from less than 1 cent per MB
  • SMS price from 10 cents per SMS
  • Can be terminated monthly
  • The price structure is based on seven region and country groups
  • No activation fee
The INSYS icom M2M SIM Service features an attractive graduated price model thanks to a wide range of data packages and monthly cancellation periods for individual cards.

Get started now!

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You are also welcome to test our solution without obligation for 45 days and up to 100 MB and 10 SMS throughout the EU or USA.

M2M SIM Service as part of a comprehensive digitalisation solution

Our routers, services and applications complement one another perfectly and thus become an individual solution for your requirements.