Remote access

Routers for telecontrol and remote access

Remote access service based on INSYS icom routers

Instead of sending out a technician in response to every fault message to check the situation on site, remote maintenance enables a quick and efficient response to alarms and intervention in the event of a breakdown. As a result, personnel can be deployed more efficiently, while shorter downtimes improve OEE (overall equipment effectiveness).

Such applications place severe demands on modern routers: reliability, security and fault tolerance take top priority. However, flexibility in the choice of communication channels and support for data processing and transmission are also essential.

Remote maintenance routers from INSYS icom meet all these requirements – and they can do even more: using pre-installed assistants and integrated apps they simplify the use of complex functions and numerous options. In this way manufacturers of plant and machinery can implement innovative service models, while users benefit from higher efficiency and functional diversity in condition monitoring and remote access. Our experts will be happy to advise you!

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Cost efficiency and higher productivity

Remote access helps to reduce maintenance cost

The major advantage of remote maintenance and telecontrol technology is the cost saving factor. Configuration, updates and maintenance – in the case of plant and machinery located at a distance each of these activities involves travel on the part of a technician. This includes travel costs and travelling time and – in the event of a malfunction – the damage from an unscheduled shutdown has to be added.
By enabling condition monitoring and remote access, remote maintenance routers greatly reduce personnel costs and downtimes. The investment cost of remote monitoring and control facilities is recouped after only a very short time.

Remote access as a source of revenue

Remote Access can drive revenue

It’s a fact that teleservice and remote maintenance alone offer the opportunity for enormous increases in efficiency. But continuous condition monitoring and telecontrol technology can also be used to integrate remote systems and devices into an (industrial) Internet of Things (IoT/IIoT). This enables additional value to be generated, for example through data-based process optimisation. For machine manufacturers and service providers in industry, remote customer service offers attractive business opportunities.

Security & reliability

Secure and reliable remote access

From the perspective of cyber security, public networks such as the Internet and mobile phone networks are generally regarded as insecure. Accordingly, remote access via such channels must be specially secured. Routers from INSYS icom support the use of VPN services and work with user authentication and strong security certificates to prevent unauthorised intrusion.

However, users also need to be sure that the remote routers can be reached at all times. The reliability of the connection is therefore essential for security. If the connection breaks down and can no longer be established, the fault must be rectified on site – with correspondingly high personnel and travel costs.

A flexible range of applications for remote access routers

A range of apps makes remote access flexible

An essential factor for the automation of factories, buildings and machinery is the smooth communication between the control system, devices and machines. Initially limited to local, closed networks, cross-location access options via routers have quickly established themselves.

Gained in practice, for use in practice

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