Training courses:

We want to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident with your application and our products.
Thanks to our many years of experience in supporting our customers, we understand your individual challenges and offer customised training courses that are specifically tailored to your application.

Training content at a glance:

  • Use remote access with Connectivity Suite
  • Establish a secure connection to a direct marketer
  • Set up your own VPN via OpenVPN or IPsec
  • Handling of the router hardware and the operating system
  • Use of mobile radio and fibre in your application
  • Customised training content according to your requirements

After completing our training courses, you will have an optimised configuration for your router,
which you can easily adapt to all subsequent devices.

We will discuss the time frame and intensity of the training in a preliminary meeting.

IT security consulting::

A comprehensive understanding of IT security is essential in order to successfully face the challenges and dangers of everyday digital life. Protecting our networks and data starts with choosing the right router and a secure VPN connection. It is crucial to ensure that devices and connections are up to date and regularly maintained and updated. This is the only way to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities and security gaps.

This is exactly where INSYS icom’s IT security consulting comes in.

Our consulting services at a glance:

  • Checking the network structure into which our router is integrated
  • Optimisation of the router configuration based on our IT security guide
  • Written summary of our advice for your records
Due to the high security standards of the icom OS routers, INSYS icom has been awarded the trust mark "IT Security made in Germany".