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The end-to-end solution for industrial data communication from INSYS icom

INSYS icom follows the approach of implementing holistic solutions based on concrete customer requirements, while other producers often focus only on selective, volume-oriented business models. INSYS icom has consequently become an expert in OEM and complex project business. In addition, our excellent reputation in the energy and mechanical engineering sectors has been continuously consolidated.

One of the key success factors is the ecosystem of INSYS icom. It offers all the necessary elements from a single source, but is also open to external components. In this way, INSYS icom makes the difference when it comes to the realisation of demanding projects and digitalisation concepts. Not many providers can offer mature end-to-end solutions – INSYS can!

“In our case ‘Made in Germany‘ is not an empty claim but our quality promise. We in the Development section are proud of the fact that we stand behind our products from concept through prototyping to lifecycle management.
We leave nothing to chance – while we develop dedicated testing technology for the production of our devices, our software and managed services focus on automated testing and deployment in modern infrastructures.
We are growing because we are in close interaction and cooperation with our customers, partners and suppliers.”

Markus Heider, Head of Development, INSYS icom

The Smart IoT ecosystem from INSYS icom

The smart IoT ecosystem as an independent platform consists of four elements:

Operating system

Secure & stable

  • Our hardened Linux operating system
  • High IT security and redundancy functionality
Routers & gateways

Smart & robust

  • Modular and high-performance (MRX series)
  • Versatile and multi-functional (ECR series)
  • Essential and efficient (SCR series)
Application solutions

Flexible & scalable

  • Data manager with protocol converter and data logger
  • Open communication solution for edge and cloud computing
Managed services

Efficient & intuitive

  • VPN service
  • M2M SIM service
  • Device Management

In addition to high interface compatibility, the platform solution from INSYS icom meets demanding security standards that are absolutely necessary for the connection of systems in critical infrastructures (KRITIS) or in highly sensitive production facilities.

  • Support in accordance with IEC / DIN EN 62443
  • Updatable to meet future security requirements
  • Separation of IT and OT networks at network and configuration level
You can rely on high performance with the solutions from INSYS icom.

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