icom Data Suite - the toolkit for alerting,
analysis and business models

Everything you need – in a single solution

Make profitable use of your data with the help of our icom Data Suite application! The icom Data Suite turns your router into a protocol converter, data logger or IoT gateway. Install the application on your routers and you will have a solution for up to 90% of your application cases – without any programming knowledge. It’s a promise!

Use your data to develop new business models!

  • Remote maintenance, predictive maintenance and alerting
  • Pay-per-use or rental models with guaranteed availability
  • Data analyses and models for product optimisation

Offer complete solutions and increase the satisfaction of your customers.


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The highlights at a glance

A multiprotocol environment

Our application supports and converts a wide range of industrial protocols and is used in many sectors of industry.

Edge computing

Process your data directly on the device itself, which minimises data volumes and transmission costs.

Cloud connection

Conveniently and simply transfer data via plug & play to pre-integrated cloud systems, or generically via MQTT.

This function allows you to quickly and easily obtain the data for your verification, error analysis and reporting operations.

What does the icom Data Suite do with your data?

Implement exactly the applications you need:

Converting protocols

  • Linking control systems, sensor technology and controllers from industry and the energy sector (OPC UA, Modbus, Siemens, Codesys, IEC60870 101/104 and many more)
  • Protocol conversion for proprietary protocols, cloud formats or uniform interfaces of control systems
  • Retrofitting of existing systems

Monitor conditions and receive alerts

  • Monitor and analyse fault conditions, anomalies and threshold values
  • Receive and acknowledge alerts
  • Identify problems in advance, avoid malfunctions, react immediately in the event of a breakdown

Log your data

  • Collect and process data from control systems, inputs and sensors
  • Receive data for verification, error analysis or reports as a CSV file
  • Evaluate data with standard software (.csv format e.g. in Excel)

Configurable logging


Export & compression

Analysis & evaluation with Office tools

Connecting cloud systems

  • Standard IoT platforms and cloud providers either pre-integrated or linked generically via MQTT (Cumulocity IoT, Bosch IoT, Microsoft Azure, Telecom Cloud der Dinge)
  • Transmit data in an event-driven and easily configurable manner
  • Use data for product improvement, anomaly detection and predictive maintenance

Controlling things from a distance

  • Control function based on external messages (email, SMS, MQTT or RPC)
  • Switching of digital and analogue outputs
  • Transferring parameters to connected control systems

icom Data Suite in operation

Use case

Protocol conversion, alerting, remote control systems

Initial situation:

Mobile traffic light systems ensure safe traffic management at construction sites. In the event of traffic problems, breakdowns or vandalism, it is therefore necessary to react quickly – usually by dispatching a service technician to the site.

Our solution:

Especially at weekends, motorists and service technicians don’t want to spend their precious time in their cars because of a traffic light malfunction. Monitoring the traffic light system is therefore a logical solution: this can be implemented with the icom Data Suite, which delivers all the data of the traffic light control system so that the installation can be displayed on a local dashboard.

The current status of the traffic lights can therefore be inspected remotely at any time. Problems can be localised much faster and can usually be solved by people on site – without the need for a service technician.

In addition, failures due to flat batteries are a thing of the past. A detection system interpolates the discharge curve and provides a timely alarm in the event of a critical drop in power.

You can choose between three packages

Package 1 – Essential – contains the basic icom Data Suite functions.

Package 2 – Flexible – contains Package 1 and additional functions.

Package 3 – Flexible+ – contains Packages 1 and 2 as well as additional functions.

*Extract from the packages

The icom Data Suite is available in three packages that build on each other. Your personal contact person will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right package.

Installing the icom Data Suite on your icom OS router

In this video we show you how to install the icom Data Suite on your INSYS icom router.
It is exclusively available for your icom OS devices, such as the MRX, MRO, ECR or SCR.

Test our icom Data Suite without obligation and free of charge for 45 days!

Test our icom Data Suite without obligation and free of charge for 45 days!