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Remote maintenance of machines – simple, secure, cost-efficient

Ensure smooth operation for your customers
through plug & play remote maintenance:

  • Direct communication with the control system in the plant on site by means of comprehensive networking.
  • Support with fault diagnosis and rectification on site for systems distributed worldwide.
  • Facilitate service scheduling and procurement of spare parts and components.
  • Reduction of unnecessary travelling times.
  • Increased machine availability on site.

Seamless integration: Our compatibility with various control systems

Siemens S7



Saia Burgess


Phoenix Contact

Schneider Electric


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Network segmentation in the machine and production network

Our solution optimises security and reliability for you and your customers

  • Optimisation of network quality and resilience against disruptions in the OT network.
  • Significant increase in network and IT security by dividing the OT network into security zones in accordance with IEC 62443.
  • Our routers act as an industrial firewall for effective separation of the production network and machine/automation cell.

Monitoring of IT and OT

Everything in view at all times for greater efficiency

  • Receive fault messages and alerts via SMS, e-mail, HTTP or MQTT in real time.
  • Fast response and effective fault handling through direct forwarding of notifications to service technicians or machine personnel.
  • Flexible response to various inputs thanks to integrated event/action handler.
  • Immediate error detection and monitoring of local network components through cyclical polling.
  • Sending fault messages to cloud systems and ticket systems in the production network.


Machine data in the cloud with the INSYS icom solution

  • Fast and cost-efficient cloud connection to a wide range of IoT platforms, enabling the automatic supply of wear parts or consumables.
  • The INSYS icom routers have a container environment – you have the option of installing your own application software.
  • The icom Data Suite serves as a modular system for protocol implementation, status monitoring and cloud communication.
  • With the icom Data Suite, you configure instead of programme.


Machine data in the local IT location

  • Connection of the machines via the production network to higher control levels, such as MES or ERP systems.
  • The INSYS icom router acts as a security gateway for the connection.
  • The INSYS icom solution increases the service life of old systems, for example by connecting legacy protocols such as Modbus and proprietary protocols such as Siemens S7 directly to MES and ERP systems via MQTT or OPC UA.

Solution portfolio for remote machine maintenance

Industrial router for top-hat rail with fibre optics, LTE, DSL and LTE 450

Remote access, remote maintenance
and 24/7
Scada monitoring

Simple commissioning and secure operation in KRITIS environments

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Your added value with INSYS icom


Segmentation of the system networks into several sub-networks for increased IT security.


For experts and beginners

Modern user interface, ease of use, guided quick start wizard


Stateful firewall

Finely adjustable stateful firewall.


Worldwide remote maintenance access

Scalable VPN service for maximum security. Legally compliant solution to China. Granular access and rights management.


Web proxy function

Access to web interface e.g. of video cameras without VPN client from smartphone, tablet and browser.


Analyse & Debugging tools

Tools for analysing the network: ping/icmp, tcpdump, traceroute, …



In addition to Ethernet, analogue and digital IOs as well as serial interfaces (e.g. Modbus) are available.

Durch die flexiblen MRcards schafft der modulare Router MRX mit bis zu 17 Ethernet-Ports, seriellen Schnittstellen oder digitalen und analogen I/Os viele verschiedene Anwendungs-Schnittstellen.

Container Runtime

Installation of own software applications and scripts. Router as mini IPC in the machine.


All products and services are also regularly tested by an independent organisation. You can find out morehere.

Success components for a smart and secure remote maintenance solution

Networking, data transmission and operational reliability thanks to integrated solutions from INSYS icom

  • Simple
    Our industrial router solutions are easy, quick and error-free to install.
  • Safe
    Our solutions, which are 100% developed in Germany and produced in Europe, enable maximum IT security – even for critical infrastructures.
  • Reliable
    We offer you durable quality products in proven and tested industrial quality that function reliably and enable constant availability at low operating costs with our solutions.
  • Open
    We offer you an open system for future-proof integration into SCADA, ERP and the cloud. A solution that allows you to remain independent and flexible and that grows with your requirements.

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