Our customers’ trust in our communication technology speaks for itself. In the water and wastewater networks in Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and Germany, neither data nor water flows without INSYS icom.

  • Our products are used in a variety of applications. (e.g. in pumping stations, water treatment plants, rainwater overflow basins and disinfection plants).
  • INSYS icom is the preferred provider for communication technology in water management and critical infrastructure (CRITIS).

Secure communication link between pumping stations

  • Connection of distributed wastewater pumping stations to the control system
  • Point-to-point VPN via dedicated lines, e.g. fibre optic, Ethernet, radio relay
  • Point-to-Site VPN via public Internet (mobile)

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Transmission of water levels to the cloud

  • Reliable measurement data transmission from distributed measuring points
  • Data transmission from router/control directly to the cloud (MQTT, OPC UA, http REST)
  • Sensors (RS232/RS485) and IOs can be connected directly to the router without control/RTU
  • Software container for querying the small control unit and sensors
  • Modbus, Siemens, Codesys, IEC-104 protocol
  • Data buffering in case of connection failure

Remote control of canal locks

  • Redundant LTE connection for high availability
  • Secure VPN connection via public networks
  • Video transmission to the control centre
  • Network separation between video surveillance and control
  • Alerting (SMS/Email/MQTT) and remote access in case of error
  • Easy remote control directly with the router (digital & analogue I/O, RS232/RS485)

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Monitoring of fresh water wells

  • Fault message and alarm via SMS/Email/MQTT
  • Remote maintenance in the event of a fault
  • Secure data transmission via VPN (OpenVPN, IPsec)
  • Connection to the control system
  • Flexible internet connection (LTE, fibre, DSL)
  • Optional access monitoring of sensitive areas

Solution portfolio for the water industry

Industrial router for DIN rail with fibre optics, LTE, DSL and LTE 450

Remote access, remote maintenance
and 24/7
Scada monitoring

Simple commissioning and secure operation in CRITIS environments

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icom Connectivity Suite
– VPN and remote maintenance service

Ideal for remote maintenance of distributed systems in water management.

Advantages of the icom Connectivity Suite

  • Remote access to controller, IPC or HMI
  • Simple commissioning of router and remote maintenance PC
  • Uniform solution: also open for third-party devices with OpenVPN Client
  • Rights management: Access for technology or external service providers only to selected systems/groups
  • SIM solution for mobile routers integrated in the portal, enables simple onward billing to end customers.

The right router for every situation

Industrial Router - MIRO

MIRO Series

  • Compact mobile router
  • Optimal for the stable connection of small systems
Der universell einsetzbare Router ECR-LW300 eignet sich dank umfangreicher Schnittstellen zur Erfassung und Verarbeitung von Anwendungsdaten (Edge Computing). Durch WLAN und Mobilfunk bietet der redundante INSYS icom Router eine hervorragende Grundlage für eine sichere Fernwartung.

SCR/ECR Series

  • Mobile radio and LAN2LAN router with serial interface
  • IOs Container Runtime for own software
Industrial Router - MRX

MRX Series

  • Modular design through plug-in cards
  • Adaptations to all requirements
  • Best solution for demanding tasks
  • Connection via LTE, DSL, LTE450
  • Container Runtime for own software

IT security features for critical infrastructure

  • CRITIS compliant; provider with the most installations in critical infrastructure
  • MRX3-LTE Router certified according to BSI BSZ for critical infrastructures
  • Firmware update signed and encrypted
  • Support packages encrypted
  • Cryptographic procedures conforming to BSI TR-02102-2
  • Hardened firmware
  • Regular penetration tests
  • Update Policy
  • 8 weeks update cycle for router firmware
  • White-list industrial firewall with IP packet and MAC filtering
  • No default passwords
  • User/PW, RADIUS or certificate-based authentication
  • X.509 certificates and use of own PKI

Reliable mobile radio solutions for the water industry

As a leading expert in communication technology for the water industry in Central Europe, we are very familiar with the challenges of continuous 24/7/365 operation of your facilities.

That is why we provide you with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for a stable mobile radio connection from a single source.

Der modulare Mobilfunkrouter
  • High-quality mobile radio router for top-hat rail mounting
  • Made in Germany
  • IT security certificate
Allround Antenna 5G/4G/3G/2G SMA
  • High-quality mobile radio antenna for good reception in difficult conditions
  • Not all antennas are the same – Learn more
  • Avoid connection problems
  • M2M SIM cards for professional use
  • Multi-roaming
  • Full cost control and tariff flexibility
  • For service providers – easy on-charging to your end customers!

Added values of the INSYS solution

VPN access

VPN network between distributed facilities. Central access to every network participant.

Die Services wie VPN, M2M SIM oder icom Router Management von INSYS icom ermöglichen Fernwartung und einfache Geräte-Updates.

Analysis & Debugging Tools

Tools for analysing the network: ping/icmp, tcpdump, traceroute, …


Multi VPN

Several parallel VPN tunnels can be established (IPsec, OpenVPN). Client and server available.


Web proxy function

Access to web interface e.g. of video cameras without VPN client from smartphone, tablet and browser.


High IT security / CRITIS

Hardened operating system. Market leader in critical infrastructure. BSI certified. Encryption compliant with BSI TR-02102-2.



Durable products you can rely on.


Wide router portfolio

Compact routers for small systems. Powerful routers for LTE, LTE450, DSL, fibre and link redundancy.



In addition to Ethernet, analogue and digital IOs as well as serial interfaces (e.g. Modbus) are available.

Durch die flexiblen MRcards schafft der modulare Router MRX mit bis zu 17 Ethernet-Ports, seriellen Schnittstellen oder digitalen und analogen I/Os viele verschiedene Anwendungs-Schnittstellen.

All products and services are also regularly tested by an independent body. You can find out more here.

Communication technology in water industry – Frequently asked questions

What distinguishes industrial routers from home routers?

Lifetime, availability, IT security
Horne routers are designed for a lifetime of 2-3 years and the electrical components are selected accordingly. Under harsher environmental conditions, e.g. temperature fluctuations in control cabinets or increased EMC/vibration, this service life decreases significantly. lndustrial routers have a service life of 10+ years. The use in industry and infrastructure does not allow frequent changes.

lndustrial applications depend on high availability of communication. The router system is designed for uninterrupted 24/7 operation.

Security -interesting facts about the IT security of industrial routers
Infrastructure and industrial facilities are attractive targets for cyber criminals. The router operating system is specifically designed and hardened for these applications and offers features for secure operation in critical infrastructure.

Is INSYS certified for critical infrastructure?

INSYS has been awarded a Critical Infrastructure Security Certificate for the MRX3-LTE by the German Federal Office for Information Security. Further information on IT security. Regular penetration tests are carried out by an independent body for all products.

Is parallel operation of several VPN tunnels possible?

Both OpenVPN and IPsec tunnels to different remote stations can exist in parallel. The networks are completely isolated from each other and can thus also be used for external participants.

Can I access surveillance cameras remotely?

With a router installed on site and the web proxy f unction of the icom Connectivity Suite, surveillance cameras can be accessed directly in the browser. This does not require a VPN client on the end device.

How and where are industrial routers installed?

Industrial routers are clicked onto a DIN rail in the electrical control cabinet or screwed directly to the housing or a bracket.
In the case of mobile radio routers, the external mobile radio antenna is led out of the control cabinet and mounted on the outside wall of the building.

Which SIM cards are suitable for the water industry?

Most faults in mobile routers can be traced back to SIM cards. For this reason, we offer licensed multiroaming industrial SIM cards at favourable conditions. We have the most experience and test coverage with these SIM cards. All advantages at a glance.

Any questions? We will be happy to advise you!