Building technology

Ensuring an excellent ambient climate and reducing downtimes

Networked technology enables the efficient interaction of heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and other systems in building technology systems and property management. With intelligent solutions from INSYS icom you can centrally monitor and control your infrastructure and take direct action to limit damage in the event of faults.

INSYS icom is the perfect partner for your digitalisation project: with our products we offer you all-round solutions featuring premium standards and quality “Made in Germany”.

We provide you with decisive competitive advantages

Monitoring and control from any location

Manage your building systems remotely by networking the building management system (BMS) and integrating existing serial devices easily and securely into IP networks.

Protected access to local networks (e.g. access control, heating system controls) is also provided.

Immediate alarm in the event of a malfunction

Receive real-time notification about malfunctions and failures via text message or email notifications, and initiate fast and targeted troubleshooting.

Another useful feature: The data logger in the router knows the “history” of the error.

Networking with DDC-BAS components

Connect your systems for control and regulation tasks directly to classic components of direct digital control building automation systems (DDC-BAS).

Secure data transmission at all times

Use existing lines or upgrade to modern mobile radio.

Comprehensive redundancy functions with active connection monitoring ensure data transmission at all times.

With INSYS icom you achieve optimal interaction among building technology, e.g. in the case of:

  • Heating systems
  • Fresh water and wastewater management
  • Air conditioning
  • Access control systems (e.g. for unoccupied properties or construction sites)
  • Video surveillance
  • Mobile fire and burglary alarm systems

Gained in practice, for use in practice

Let our customer references inspire you. Together we will find the ideal solution for your project.

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