3G network shutdown: In 6 steps, we show you how to prepare your plant for the future!

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Individual programming

Integrated computing power based on Linux

The icom SmartBox intelligent software provides the edge computing functionality of our icomOS operating system. Our icomOS is an operating system based on Linux containers (also known as “dockers” for embedded systems), which allows you to install and run your own applications on the router. The router then can function like a mini industrial PC (mini IPC) and is able to store and process the data directly at the point of origin.

Benefit from our software:

  • The latest generation of integrated computing power based on Linux

  • Use of the router as a mini IPC
  • Consolidation of hardware and associated reduction in costs and effort

icom smartBox is available on all routers which operate with icom OS.

The INSYS Sandbox is available for the EBW, IMON and MoRos router series.

Secure application
  • Secure against memory leaks and incorrect updates

  • No root access to the firmware

  • Protection against malicious codes

  • Firewall protection for connections to the application

  • Possible updates of applications without rebooting the router

Processing power
  • Parallel operation of several apps on one router
  • Completely independent of router firmware and configuration
  • Own IP and MAC address per Linux container
  • Direct communication between the containers (e.g. via APIs)
  • Optional encryption for know-how protection
Application diversity
  • Data consolidation
  • Protocol conversion
  • Connection to customer-specific infrastructures, Cloud services or IoT platforms
  • Network setup and start-up configuration
Gateway functionality

Creates the basis for a router to function as a multifunctional, sophisticated gateway in industrial networks.

Unimaginable possibilities with the icom SmartBox:

  • a dashboard container enables you to provide a local display for your end customer.
  • Local monitoring of the machine condition and prompt alarms.
  • When you start up your systems, a container can take over the setup of your machine network.
  • New business models require logic in the field and end-to-end communication with server-side applications.
  • Linux Containers (LXC) is a container virtualisation of the Linux kernel.
  • Each container has its own network interface and behaves like an additional external participant in the network.
  • Within a container, the user has root rights which enables them to create and manage additional users.
  • Several programmes or applications can be executed in one container.
  • Applications in the container can communicate with external devices or with other applications in containers (inter-container communication).
  • The containers share the freely available resources of the router.


Take the opportunity to learn more about the LXC environment and deepen your knowledge in one of our training courses.

INSYS Sandbox – programmable virtual Linux environment

The INSYS sandbox is a virtual Linux environment that can be programmed separately from the firmware, roughly comparable to a virtual machine. With its help, user-defined applications can be programmed and executed on the device.

Benefit from the software:

  • Freely programmable
  • No influence on the functionality and security of the industrial router
  • Up to 64 MB RAM, 150 MB permanent file system
  • The sandbox can be imagined as a small Linux PC within one of the above mentioned devices.
  • You can use it to create and run your own scripts and individual programmes.
  • Imagine this function simply as your own small Linux PC within our devices and at no extra cost.
  • There is no data in the sandbox on delivery, so you have to load and install a sandbox image first.