Individual Programming

Install your own software on the router

Do you want to read out and process plant data? Connect SCADA, multi-cloud and IoT platforms? Monitor and alarm threshold values?

The Linux container environment offers many possibilities for this.

Routers with icom OS firmware* provide a Linux Container Environment (LXC) where custom software containers can be installed. Linux containers are also known as “Docker” for embedded systems. The router can thus be used as a mini-IPC.

Use ready-made containers from INSYS icom or program your own application!

*except MIRO

Edge Computing:

  • Acquire, process and transmit data
  • Connect SCADA and cloud platforms
  • Use as IoT gateway

Practical example – e2m controls EEG plants with its own software container

Energy2market GmbH (e2m) operates over 5,500 renewable energy plants for its customers worldwide. In addition to the direct marketing of energy on the power exchange via a virtual power plant, e2m is very active in the provision of control energy.

In order to regulate the EEG plants, e2m has developed its own software container, which runs on a router in each plant. From a central platform, the plants are controlled depending on the grid and the feed-in power is either reduced or increased. The plant portfolio includes PV power plants, wind farms, biogas plants and a large offshore wind farm.

These customers also use their own containers:

  • The Linux containers can be thought of as a small Linux PC in the router
  • Each container has its own network interface and behaves like an additional external participant in the network
  • Within a container, the user has root privileges and can thus create and manage additional users
  • Multiple programs or applications can run in a container
  • Applications in the container can communicate with external devices or with other applications in containers (inter-container communication)
  • Containers share the freely available resources of the router



Main memory

64 MB

evenly distributed among containers

Flash memory

shared, content separated

Processing power CPU 50% (prioritized)

50% prioritized

according to requirements

Serial interfaces

shared access

Digital I/O s

shared access via MCIP interface

Network LAN/WAN

up to 5 networks with own IP address ranges

1 own IP address in a network of the router

High IT security

Completely isolated from router firmware and configuration. Container without root access to firmware.


Inter-container communication

Inter-container communication possible e.g. via API/MQTT

Durch die flexiblen MRcards schafft der modulare Router MRX mit bis zu 17 Ethernet-Ports, seriellen Schnittstellen oder digitalen und analogen I/Os viele verschiedene Anwendungs-Schnittstellen.

Firewall control

Dedicated IP endpoint allows full firewall visibility and control of all connections


Multi-container capability

Parallel operation of multiple isolated containers on one device

Die Einssteckkarten MRcards ermöglichen eine individuelle und zukunftssichere Anpassung der MRX Router auf aktuelle Bedürfnisse und Anforderungen.

Dedicated IP endpoint

Each container is addressable via its own IP address and MAC

Mit mehreren lokalen IP-Netzen, RSTP und Anbindung mit parallelem VPN bieten MRX Router umfangreiche Routingfunktionen.


Update of container and application possible without reboot during operation


Start now with individual programming

Get started!

  • Start with your own container project
  • We provide you with a well-maintained SDK as well as several demo containers
  • Extensive documentation enables a steep learning curve.

Configure instead of programming: icom Data Suite

We may even have a ready-made solution for your problem!

The iDS is a container product and offers a construction kit for many applications: Alarming, protocol conversion, data logging, condition monitoring or cloud connection.

Simply install the icom Data Suite on your router, configure it and get started!


Take the opportunity to learn more about the LXC environment and deepen your knowledge in one of our training courses.