Data logger on the router

A simple solution simple solution for simple applications

With the integrated data logger on the INSYS icom routers you quickly and easily receive the data for verification, error analysis and reports. The solution – based on icom Data Suite – collects data, records it and transmits it encrypted as a CSV file. The values can then be evaluated with a standard program (e.g. Excel), or for more complex requirements in a cloud or IoT platform.

Identify and solve problems – optimize and increase profit!

Impressive strengths of our solution:

  • Internet connection & data logging
  • Configuration instead of programming
  • Maintaining data ownership
  • Cost savings & efficiency gains
  • Simple & easy handling
  • Security against data loss

With our router you cover several functions in one device. Procurement and operation of the hardware become much more efficient.

Functions of our Data logger

Your advantages: Variable time intervals and data economy

Start the data logging function based on your individual need: after a certain time period, defined event. Or just activate the logging function when a threshold is exceeded within a time frame.
And for the analysis simply use your own office tool, for example, MS Excel.

Configurable logging


Export & compression

Analysis & evaluation with Office tools

Data loggers in operation

Use cases


Initial situation:

Top-quality drinking water is of the utmost importance for utility companies or operators of pumping stations. They have to continuously check the water and provide proof of its purity.


A daily log file with the readings of the measuring stations is sent and a report is generated in Excel. The additional advantage: if the threshold value of a pollutant is exceeded, an email alert with the data from the last 30 minutes can be sent directly in the icom Data Suite.


Initial situation:

A supplier provides its customers with mobile heating containers for heating construction sites and guarantees them frost protection over the winter to prevent costly frost damage to buildings.


The icom Data Suite records the temperature values of several rooms every 30 minutes and transmits the data logs to an FTP server. The supplier can accordingly provide its customers with proof of service and alarm in case a threshold is violated.