Protocol converter in the energy sector

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Protocol converter in the energy sector

Große rote Turbine in einer Werkstatt mit gebogenen Rohren und Zylindern auf einem grauen Betonboden mit rot-weißem Schachbrettmuster
Große rote Pumpe in einem hellen Raum mit großen Fenstern und blauer Maschine im Hintergrund
Große rote Turbine in einer Werkstatt mit gebogenen Rohren und Zylindern auf einem grauen Betonboden mit rot-weißem Schachbrettmuster

„The versatility and the functions of the INSYS icom products convinced us. With the ECR-LW300 we have a router that offers robust redundancy and with icom Data Suite we have one of the few solutions available to convert 104 data into Modbus format.”

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SH Control

SH Control s.r.o.

The SH Control Ltd. company was established in 1992 from engineers dealing with the implementation and maintenance of management systems in the petrochemical industry. It has become a major supplier of software for Honeywell control systems in the petrochemical and heating plant industry.

Challenges arising from IT and OT differences

As networking progresses, the convergence of IT and OT presents challenges due to their distinct requirements and priorities, leading to conflicts. IT focuses on information systems for data collection, storage, processing, and transmission. On the other hand, OT deals with technologies and systems to monitor and control physical processes in industrial environments. A typical conflict arises from the use of different protocols in both areas, leading to compatibility issues during integration.
Addressing the Challenge – SH Control’s Case SH Control, a software developer from the Czech Republic, is facing this exact challenge. Two individual power plants located in Estonia and Finland shall be connected and controlled from a remote location.

Networking and Protocol conversion solution

To tackle this challenge, SH Control utilizes the industrial router ECR-LW300 with the icom Data Suite application (iDS). The energy systems in the power plants communicate via the common IEC 104 protocol, while the control system relies on Modbus. In order to collect data from the power plants energy systems, IEC 104 was converted and mapped to a Modbus Slave in the icom Data Suite.

Energy efficiency through industrial data communication

The comprehensive solution involving networking and protocol conversion facilitates seamless data communication between the power plants and the server. As a result, the server can efficiently read and evaluate the data, enabling remote monitoring and control of any malfunctions and maintenance requirements. By addressing the compatibility challenges between IT and OT, SH Control’s innovative approach not only facilitates smooth operations but also drives energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness for their customer.

FAQ: IEC 104

What is IEC 104 ?

IEC 104 is a communication protocol used in modern smart grid and industrial applications. It enables the transmission of periodic data and
events to a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system for monitoring.
The protocol uses Ethernet and TCP/IP for communication and allows easy configuration of the trigger criteria for the data to be transmitted.

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