Highly available building cranes due to remote service

Perfect communication with S7-300 via MPI adapter

“Lots of functionality in the cellular router”
“We’ve found the solution for our high demands: The MoRoS cellular routers provide lots of functionality and can be configured quickly – this saves hours of work. Moreover, the routers have important options that we’ll need for future services.
That’s why we equip all our cranes with MoRoS HSPA of INSYS icom.“

Andreas Wagner
Head of Electrical Engineering

WOLFFKRAN, Heilbronn

Benefits for WOLFFKRAN

  • “Site is running” due to highest crane availability

  • Time- and cost-optimised services

  • “Familiar” with the S7-300 via MPI adapter

  • Routers can be configured quickly

Wolffkran, a premium manufacturer of tower cranes, has developed a world-wide usable teleservice concept. It includes the helpdesk software Wolfflink and condition monitoring for the rental crane fleet.

The following requirements for a cellular radio to be used in the crane have been framed for boundless and secure data communication from and to international construction sites:

  • GSM modem replacement
  • Worldwide use of router and SIM card
  • Encrypted data communication
  • Automatic re-establishment of the VPN tunnel upon connection termination
  • Automated connection control (SMS, e-mail)
  • MPI communication with Siemens S7-300
  • Robust devices for construction site use
  • Long-term available devices
  • For retrofit in cranes with RS232 PLC

The Siemens PLC S7-300 in the crane dispatches failure messages (SMS, e-mail) via the cellular router MoRoS HSPA to the central Wolffkran server. This controls the establishment of an encrypted VPN tunnel by the cellular router via SMS.

Remote debugging
Helpdesk staff can access the PLC and other devices in the crane directly.

Remote monitoring
The helpdesk and management software WolffLink is able to read out all relevant data (failures, conditions, connections) automatically from the S7-300 for condition monitoring.

MPI interface
The communication and programming adapter Accon-NetLink-PRO compact and the communication library Accon-AGLink of the INSYS icom partner Deltalogic provide for a smooth communication with the proprietary MPI interface of the S7-300.

VPN interconnection with encryption
The icom Connectivity Suite – VPN enables a comfortable online management of VPN connections and certificates as well as the automatic replacement of VPN certificates.