Worldwide remote access to innovative energy-saving technology

“Via our global data information network we are in contact with every ONI installation. The INSYS icom systems provide us with the necessary flexibility, and ensure that our industrial applications have the required availability and quality at all times.”

Frank Hermes
Commissioning Engineer- Customer Service

ONI-Wärmetrafo GmbH, Lindlar (D)

Added value for ONI-Wärmetrafo

  • Selective network access, depending on the plant area
  • Increased efficiency thanks to preventive and follow-up plant maintenance
  • Avoidance of system downtimes and therefore loss of production
  • Time and cost savings, thanks to a fully integrated solution

From medium-sized companies to global corporations, customers in more than 70 countries worldwide successfully use the innovative system technologies and industry-specific system know-how of ONI-Wärmetrafo GmbH from Lindlar (Germany). Customers are provided with a comprehensive package of services, ranging from consulting and planning to the implementation of their plant technology and an all-round downstream service. The product spectrum ranges from cooling plant technology, heat recovery systems, air conditioning, ventilation and clean room technology to mould temperature control, machine optimisation and water treatment.

A wide range of system know-how, a comprehensive range of products and services, and numerous unique selling points have made ONI-Wärmetrafo GmbH the German world market leader in its sector.

More than 5,900 customers worldwide trust in the premium quality and reliability of the ONI plant technology. The aim of the company is to provide additional operational safety by networking on the data technology level with secure data communication, remote access and remote maintenance. Permanent data access to plant and operating parameters is a basic requirement for the implementation of energetic and process-related optimisations, and for the ability to react in good time to parameter deviations that could trigger a breakdown.

This ensures that the ONI experts are, in spite of huge geographical distances, immediately and permanently on the spot and can intervene before a problem occurs.

With its products ONI directly offers a service contract with a built-in remote maintenance solution. For systems that don’t yet have integrated remote access, short-term rental of these functions is also available in the event of problems.

Depending on the conditions on site, the WAN connection is implemented either via mobile communication or Ethernet. The INSYS icom routers ensure a secure connection to the “icom Connectivity Suite” central VPN service. The strongly developing market in Asia – especially in China – is also served by a dedicated VPN tunnel to China.

About 150 new installations are added each year to the existing 300 plants. Central device management is necessary to keep the existing routers secure and up-to-date throughout the entire life cycle of the energy-saving systems. The Ocentral device management icom Router Management meets these requirements – enabling the Operation, Administration and Maintenance of all active devices to be planned and controlled.

To enable ONI to offer its customers secure remote access and remote maintenance, ONI-Wärmetrafo GmbH was advised by DELTA LOGIC Automatisierungstechnik GmbH. ONI and DELTA LOGIC have for years been united by a close partnership. Both are prize winners in the “SME Awards” entrepreneurial competition. As a longstanding partner to INSYS icom and specialist in remote maintenance solutions in automation technology, DELTA LOGIC provided comprehensive on-site consulting services in this field. As a result we were jointly able to develop the appropriate remote maintenance solution for ONI.

DELTA LOGIC and INSYS have been working closely together for a long time now, with DELTA LOGIC becoming an Excellence Partner to INSYS. The INSYS icom routers are equipped with the ACCON-AGLink communication library developed by DELTA LOGIC. This enables users of the INSYS icom routers to directly monitor their systems and to send immediate error messages, for example when threshold values are exceeded.

By using the remote maintenance solution of INSYS icom and DELTA LOGIC, ONI Wärmetrafo GmbH is able to meet its service and customer satisfaction requirements to the full. Further positive aspects: the increase in availability benefits the environment and also leads to cost savings for all parties involved.