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Ending frustrating tailbacks at roadworks

“The router solutions from INSYS icom offer our traffic light controls threefold benefits: firstly we reduce service calls. At the same time up-to-date traffic light and status information enables predictive switching independently of the location. And finally road users spend less time in traffic jams – they benefit the most”.

Stefan Oess
Managing Director

imo TRAFFIC AG, Zofingen (CH)


The Swiss firm of imo TRAFFIC AG specialises in traffic lights for construction sites and bus services, with intelligent cycle and signal control. The service includes the operation and functional monitoring of the signalling systems, right across to ensuring optimum traffic flows in live with individual deployment scenarios.

Ending frustrating tailbacks at roadworks

The challenges facing traffic lights are considerable: for best traffic flow the red and green phases should not be too short or too long. Traffic lights at roadworks are also subject to demands in terms of their energy supply, i.e. battery condition and charging by solar cells as well as occasional vandalism. This means high maintenance costs due to the risk of malfunctions.

The management of major traffic light scenarios requires a high degree of know-how in that an installation has to respond to many variables: large construction machinery, slow vehicles such as buses and delivery traffic, and changes in the behaviour of road users in response to the roadworks situation.

Display, remote diagnosis and remote control

A battery’s discharge curve can be easily predicted via its voltage level, so a replacement of the battery can be scheduled in good time – before a traffic light failure occurs. Diagnostic data provides information about possible vandalism and enables suitable measures to be taken by service technicians.

Networking the traffic light control system makes available additional data, which coupled with calendar information such as weekends and public holidays, can be used to create parameters and plan the switching cycles.

Information that becomes available at short notice such as weather data or schedules for traffic crossing the construction site can also be incorporated. Clearly laid out dashboards allow parameter changes to be made and monitored remotely.

Demand-driven traffic light control

In traffic light systems the ultimate goal is high availability and high through-flows: systems have to run without interruption and traffic should flow as smoothly as possible. imo TRAFFIC uses gateways from INSYS icom for the intelligent remote parameterisation of traffic light networks in line with requirements on the basis of the relevant data. A remotely accessible dashboard on the gateways displays all the relevant status values, thus enabling efficient remote diagnosis and monitoring.

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