Surge protection devices (SPDs) send status messages

Efficient services of SPDs

“Our customers appreciate this solution with well-proven products, because the status messages of the devices will be transmitted and documented automatically what minimises the effort. Moreover, all relevant data will be visualised clearly on a dashboard.“

Tobias Kerschensteiner
Business Development Manager, Business Unit Energy
DEHN + SÖHNE, Neumarkt

Adeded value for DEHN & SÖHNE

  • Easy integration into remote monitoring unit

  • Using 2-wire technology (Modbus RTU) or Ethernet (Modbus TCP) flexibly

  • Reporting article numbers of defective devices to service

  • Planning maintenance comfortably

Because of the fast propagation and interconnection of electronic devices, a reliable protection against the effects of lightning discharges and grid-related overvoltages become more and more important – especially to prevent the often massive subsequent damages.

If a surge protection device (SPD) is overloaded because of a series of high-energy dissipation processes, this will be signalled by an integrated function and defect indication or potential-free remote messaging contacts for example.

A manual maintenance at the site was mostly necessary so far for checking the functional capability.