Operational management ensures that PV systems always stay online

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All-round support for PV systems in project planning and operation

“We’re impressed by the excellent cooperation. This applies to both the smooth process and the always accessible support: the team was able to help us to solve all the challenges which we encountered – even when setting up a web proxy access to the video surveillance. The decision in favour of the INSYS icom solution was definitely the right one.”

Christopher Herten
Project engineer

welivit GmbH, Düsseldorf (D)

welivit GmbH

As a photovoltaics expert welivit offers all essential aspects of commercial and technical PV management from a single source. The Düsseldorf-based service provider manages solar facilities with a nominal output of 48.7 MWp in Germany, Spain, Italy and France.

Commercial and technical know-how are required in equal measure

Photovoltaic systems with an output of 15 kW to 5 MW are typical for central and southern Europe. It is often small and medium-sized enterprises that contribute to the sustainable energy transition with such PV systems as an investment. However, investors need know-how and detailed solutions until the systems are installed and in reliable operation. Between business plan, subsidies, billing models with grid operators, system configurations or troubleshooting: something can easily go wrong and the PV system becomes a loss-making business. For municipal owners and private investors a comprehensive solution from initial planning to operational management is indispensable.

Optimising operational management

Like any business project, PV systems need to be planned as a business model and implemented in a controlled manner. In addition to commercial management, this also includes technical controlling: monitoring, remote maintenance and efficient troubleshooting are intended to keep unexpected ancillary costs for PV systems to a minimum.

Providers such as welivit GmbH offer their customers precisely these components: commercial operational management and an overall technical service that makes operation as reliable and calculable as clockwork. It also includes the integration of an all-round data communication package from INSYS icom. This features reliable 4G routers, proven VPN encryption solutions, a web proxy solution for video surveillance and the connection to monitoring portals such as meteocontrol. It means that the technical operational management of the systems, including remote maintenance and security services, can be implemented without special IT knowledge.

Operational risks well under control

With its comprehensive solution for conceptual design and operation, welivit ensures that the sustainable energy transition is financially attractive for operators such as municipalities. Work and know-how requirements are low and both operational reliability and the attractiveness of PV systems as renewable energy sources are on the increase. Approaches such as those of welivit also enable uncomplicated connection to virtual power plants, and accordingly the entry into direct marketing.

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