Optimised commissioning of combined heat and power plants

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Commissioning and remote maintenance with flexible Internet connection

“Our CHPs are now securely accessible via the Internet. A lack of DSL connections no longer slows us down because we bridge any communication gaps securely and reliably with mobile radio – including certification in accordance with ISO 27001. During commissioning we avoid possible contractual penalties and save valuable time with the VPN service and SIM cards from INSYS icom, because we can administer everything ourselves in one portal.”

Markus Beißner
Service Manager

COMUNA-metall Vorrichtungs- und Maschinenbau GmbH

COMUNA-metall Vorrichtungs- und Maschinenbau GmbH produces highly efficient, gas-powered combined heat and power plants as well as complete heating centres and decentralised energy supply networks with combined heat and power. The range of applications extends from swimming pools, schools, hotels and hospitals to sewage treatment plants and industrial facilities – in other words, wherever maximum reliability is required. The service portfolio includes installation, operation, maintenance and system servicing.

CHP commissioning often requires DSL

Combined heat and power plants (CHPs) are used for the decentralised energy supply of large buildings and businesses. They operate cost-efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner because they make optimum use of fuel to simultaneously generate energy and heat – this is referred to as “cogeneration”.

Remote maintenance and remote monitoring via the Internet is a critical success factor for many plants today in that they are expected to run without interruption. In the case of CHP units this is relevant even before commissioning, because approval processes with regard to the building fabric and parameterisation of facilities are geared to predefined deadlines. In this context, the lack of an Internet connection can cause not just deadline-related costs but operators may also be threatened with contractual penalties.

Flexible Internet connection

Systems operated by COMUNA-metall are optimised during the commissioning phase via remote mobile access, to ensure that they operate as efficiently as possible. In addition, remote access ensures trouble-free operation of the highly available supply facility for electricity and heat.

In normal operations the Internet connection is established via DSL or LAN. By means of plug-in cards (MRcards) the MRX routers used can be expanded to include 4G connectivity – or 5G in the future – to enable trouble-free commissioning even if no Internet connection is available yet. The routers can be configured in such a way that standard and fallback data communication are automatically used. The 4G plug-in card can either be removed later or retained as a fallback solution.

High availability, satisfied customers, low service costs

Thanks to flexible Internet access paths including mobile radio, CHP units from COMUNA-metall paired with data communication from INSYS icom are operationally ready from the moment of installation, can be certified and are safe and inexpensive to monitor and maintain. Thanks to diagnostic data, service technicians only need to be on site in actual problem cases or for planned operations. Management of the facility including parameterisation or predictive maintenance is conveniently carried out remotely.

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