Control technology for renewable generation plants

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Connection of solar and wind parks

„INSYS icom’s outstanding expertise in industrial routers is not only reflected in our long-standing partnership, but also in our control systems, especially in the certified mixed park controller. We were particularly impressed by INSYS icom’s strong service, the focus on product safety and the good price/performance ratio.“

Tom Pichelmann
Head of project management, energy grid service GmbH

energy grid service GmbH

energy grid service GmbH is a subsidiary of wpd windmanager with more than 120 employees. In 2023 alone, the company looked after over 2.300 wind turbines and more than 70 substations. The focus of its services lies in the field of electrotechnical infrastructure. This includes, in particular, offers to customers (operators of wind and solar parks) who are looking for solutions in measurement, control and regulation technology.

High security requirements in the energy sector

As a service provider for renewable electricity supply, energy grid service is in dialogue with a large number of parties. Around 1.000 park controllers distributed across solar parks, wind farms and substations communicate via a secure connection with various parties such as direct marketers, service companies and analysis firms. In addition, there are major changes in the industry due to certification for critical infrastructure, which entails high security requirements.

Standardised connection of the systems

The industrial routers from INSYS icom are the connection point for all parties working with energy grid service. In case of a malfunction in a wind farm, the INSYS router enables a secure connection to the system to bring the wind farm back into operation. This minimises maintenance work and allows valuable renewable energy to continue to be produced. As the control and communication systems are distributed throughout Germany and partly in rural areas in Austria, a lot of time and money can be saved thanks to location-independent access.

Efficient testing, maintenance and servicing

By connecting all parties, energy grid service creates the possibility of networking renewable generation plants and thus guarantees efficient testing, maintenance and servicing. In the long term, all parties involved benefit as the continuous operation of wind farms, solar plants or substations is ensured.

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