Automated terminals offer car dealers service options after closing time

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Processes before or after a car service are simplified by service terminals

“It’s important for us to know that technical solutions function absolutely reliably and can also be integrated into sophisticated IT and IoT architectures at the same time. With INSYS icom as a partner, this is easy and we can fully focus on our software solution. We can roll it out to the routers quickly and configure it for customer deployments with a minimum of effort.”

Stephane Augis

IPSIP Group, Vendargues (FRA)


With two certified ISO 270001 service centres in France and Vietnam, IPSIP has been supporting customers with networked IT systems since 2009. IPSIP designs innovative solutions for the industrial, healthcare, automotive and renewable energy sectors, especially in the field of machine to machine (M2M) and service automation.

Business hours limit service flexibility

Car repair workshops or car rental companies are a prime example for the use of automated dispensers. Vehicles are constantly being dropped off or picked up. However, company service or opening hours impose limits on the customer. Offering customers more flexibility in terms of drop-off or pick-up times and saving them waiting time gives providers an edge over their competitors. A secure mailbox for car keys, as car dealerships and rental companies often have, only partially solves the problem, because it doesn’t enable pickups.

24/7 service terminals offering a great customer experience

Anyone who is familiar with parcel stations knows the basic principle. Flexible service terminals of various designs with sufficient storage space form the basis. In addition, they feature an access model based on existing IT systems. The system of the French IT solution provider IPSIP pulls out all the stops of digitalisation: use of an INSYS icom router for data communication via mobile networks, connection of a cloud backend on Amazon AWS, provision of local applications within a secure container in the router operating system as well as availability and status monitoring with functionalities such as an optional payment solution. The latter saves work and expense, and enables business transactions to be carried out in full. Added to this are the highest security standards in order to meet the needs of all sectors and applications: encrypted communication via VPN with individual connections, access management and central monitoring and remote maintenance/fault rectification by IPSIP.

A high-performance overall solution on just one device

IPSIP’s service terminals represent a showcase project for innovative, digital service solutions for a wide range of industries. Thanks to the combination of edge computing and cloud system, a modern network and security infrastructure and a flexible router platform, an optimal basis is created for automated service solutions that build on or complement existing company processes.

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