Operating data logging of silos

Level monitoring and just in time refill or emptying

Automated operation data logging (ODL) makes cost-effective logistics, anticipatory planning by connection of ERP systems of suppliers and ideal transparency for silo rental companies possible.

Added value

  • Basis for SCADA systems

  • Just-in-time filling

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Scalable (silos, business partner)

Initial situation

Operating data logging (ODL) comprises technical and organisational current data, for example from production, environment, trade and logistics.

The data is captured for documentation and control of operational processes – but are not always available for lack of data connection.

  • Filling silos in time
  • Save unnecessary trips
  • Know filling/residual quantity
  • Realising stationary, transportable and mobile applications
  • Saving separate data loggers

The silo filling level is determined automatically by using sensors and transmitted to a web server or private cloud. Transportable silos transmit their geodata also.

  • The proven INSYS Smart Devices, for example from the IMON series, transmit filling levels and other operational data like internal temperature via ll common networks (LAN, ADSL, SDSL, telephone, cellular radio, WLAN).
  • INSYS Smart Devices with integrated sandbox replace separate data loggers and micro controllers.
  • Remote access takes place via encrypted connections of the icom Connectivity Suite – VPN; this can also be used for centrally managed software updates.

All participants benefit from the automation processes:
– Cost-effective logistics due to fully-automatic planned supply tours.
– ERP systems of suppliers have always access to the latest data.
– Silo rental companies have always a view on all locations.

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