VPN Routers turn into Multi-Protocol Gateways

New features of the software icom Data Suite
IEC 60870-5-101/-104 and Modbus Slave
REST API Interface

Regensburg, 05.08.2019 – The latest version of the icom Data Suite, the software solution of INSYS icom for digitalisation in industrial communication, takes the protocols IEC 60870-5-104/-101 as well as Modbus Slave to the routers of INSYS icom. The professional devices do not only offer a secure connection with this, but allow also cost-optimised solutions as multi-protocol gateways between local applications and cloud or SCADA systems.

The icom Data Suite allows to convert the protocols IEC 60870-5-104/-101 that are widely-used in the energy industry. This makes it possible in Smart Grids to connect substations to control centre systems for example or to monitor and control renewable energy plants like solar power, wind or biomass.

Due to parallel connections, not only operator and direct sellers have remote access, but also transmission and distribution network operators to be able to comply with claimed power system stability requirements.

A local connection to further subsystems in the plant is also possible.
Modbus Slave enables SCADA or control systems to write values into the plant at the site, like setpoint settings, parameters or thresholds.
These functions bring also added value regarding security. Because the end points of the VPNs become also the end points of the data at the same time by this integration.

Thus, the serial separation of data that enhances the IT security in the energy industry is realised. Router and icom Data Suite form two completely separated applications on one device, each with own access and user management. This allows to implement the frequently required organisational separation between data transmission (telecommunication technology) and application data securely.
SCADA and cloud systems will also receive the status values of the individual routers (e.g. signal field strength, interface condition) with the “system status” function of the icom Data Suite.

The now available REST programming interface allows to connect web-based applications quick and easy thanks to the standardised interface, so that control commands for changing the WAN connection or configuration modifications are possible for example. Java is also supported comprehensively. This standard interface is already part of the free basic package of the icom Data Suite.