INSYS icom and Utonomy sign supply contract

INSYS icom and Utonomy sign supply contract

Regensburg, 10.09.2020 – INSYS icom is cooperating with Utonomy, a British supplier of systems for pressure control and management of gas networks. Since the successful test phase the IoT gateways from INSYS icom have been an integral part of the Utonomy’s “Smart Gas Grid” solution, which protects the environment and reduces costs.

Photo: Eduard B. Wagner (left) and Adam Kingdon (right) at the signing of the supply contract

Eduard B. Wagner, Managing Director and founder of INSYS icom, and Adam Kingdon, Managing Director and founder of Utonomy Ltd, recently signed a four-year supply contract at the Regensburg headquarters of INSYS icom GmbH.
The decisive factor behind the supply contract was the successful first test phase of the solution at the British gas supplier SGN, which supplies 5.9 million households with gas and has already committed to the second test phase. The VPN routers and IoT gateways of INSYS icom played a key role in this process. They provided safe, KRITIS-compliant communication between the actuators and controllers of the gas distribution stations and the cloud system. Utonomy also appreciated the icom Data Suite IT application from INSYS icom, which continuously monitors sensor data, processes the data on site (edge computing) and then sends it to the cloud.

There Utonomy links the data with weather data or consumption statistics, for example, and calculates the ideal gas pressure. This needs to be high enough to ensure the statutory minimum supply for companies and households at all times, and low enough to reduce methane leakage. On the one hand this has a positive effect on reducing the CO2 footprint. On the other hand it is profitable for the utilities, because not as much valuable gas escapes into the atmosphere, which all has to be included in the planning and price calculations.
With the “Smart Gas Grid” solution operators can now automatically control gas pressure remotely: interruptions to ongoing operations or manual adjustments by service technicians on site are a thing of the past. The latter aspect has gained enormous importance, especially in times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Eduard B. Wagner, Managing Director of INSYS icom, adds: “The partnership with Utonomy enables us to use our many years of experience in industrial IoT for the digitalisation of the gas distribution network. This opens up new and exciting market opportunities for us”.

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Adam Kingdon, Managing Director of Utonomy

“We are very pleased to be working with the extremely competent team at INSYS icom. Their products are perfectly adapted to our application for smart gas grids. We particularly appreciate their high level of reliability”.