Monitoring of IT and OT

Operational reliability benefits from the integration of production and IT

Combined monitoring of OT and IT in an overall solution is increasingly essential to success

Is it your goal to eliminate unplanned downtime? To do this you would normally need to monitor the IT servers, systems, data traffic and applications, as well as all your industrial systems with various machine protocols of the so-called OT in a monitoring solution to protect them. For many sectors this is a major digitalisation challenge. Our answer is a securely networked solution with new monitoring scenarios that meets the requirements of the networked systems, recognises risks and then intercepts them at an early stage.

Successful digitalisation in mechanical engineering means networking servers and systems from the IT area with various machine protocols from the OT to create a secure monitoring solution.

What’s it all about? Monitoring today is critical to business

Today, many types of systems in industry and manufacturing are classified as business critical – this does not require a supply infrastructure any more. Uninterrupted operation is relevant to success. Typical operational interruptions are due to individual failure, technical causes or cybercrime – ideally, such scenarios should never occur; preventive measures are required.

Future-proof operations thanks to monitoring on the shop floor

Solution concepts for monitoring purposes are common topics in the IT sector. Corresponding systems work on the basis of various Internet protocols (IP) and are designed for use in IT administration. However, industrial machines, control terminals and similar systems or logic controllers use different interfaces. What is therefore needed is a monitoring solution which, in addition to integration into IT systems, as a communication solution also speaks the OT (Operational Technology) language of industrial systems and offers the necessary interfaces and protocols.

The solution: one control centre for all business critical data and processes

Today monitoring solutions are required which, in the course of plant networking and heterogeneous IT/OT environments, consolidate data and make it usable in a comprehensive manner. Your future control centre for information from processes and process chains displays all the relevant data and allows the design of comprehensive monitoring functions and alerting mechanisms.

The solution: programmable gateways and full monitoring service

Compared to in-house developments, solutions “as a service” from specialised suppliers are the better and cheaper choice. In combination with flexible gateways, which build the bridge between OT and IT, powerful solutions are created to significantly improve plant availability.

Multifunctional gateways

The gateways by INSYS icom for communication between IT and OT protocols allow the connection of almost any machine in almost any industry. Flexible connections via 4G/5G and VPN solutions are available for dispersed locations.

  • Flexible interfaces for various OT protocols and fast integration of all relevant systems
  • Variable connection via DSL, WAN, fibre or mobile radio for data communication, including optional VPN solutions
  • The principle: configuration instead of programming with the icom Data Suite
  • Integrated gateway management for easy administration of even a large number of devices

Monitoring as a service

The monitoring services of our solution partner Paessler AG offer allround functionality for your monitoring centre, and support standard providers, systems and applications. In future they will oversee an overall infrastructure.

  • Monitoring of a wide range of OT devices due to integration of all common protocols such as OPC UA, Modbus and MQTT
  • Support for all common IT protocols such as SNMP, WMI, REST, SSH and many more
  • Maps and dashboards: visualization of IT systems via real-time overview maps with information about live status
  • Automatic alarming in case of problems or unusual values via various notification methods
  • Transparent licensing and unlimited number of users and locations
  • Everything at a glance: Monitoring of power supply, PLC status, OPC and Soffico Server Health, data traffic as well as infrastructure or air conditioning applications.

Paessler AG: PRTG Network Monitor

Get more information here about our partner Paessler AG and their PRTG Network Monitor.

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