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Paessler and INSYS icom provide a
monitoring solution for IT & OT

In a nutshell: how to extend your monitoring to OT networks

In this short video Christian Gügel, Business Development Manager at Paessler, describes how the joint solution works and explains the benefits it offers in detail.

Further information on monitoring in industry with the Paessler solution:

IT/OT convergence

The monitoring specialist Paessler and INSYS icom as a manufacturer of industrial gateways offer a joint solution for overcoming industrial language barriers and bringing IT and OT together.

Paessler PRTG: IT monitoring and a great deal more

With its PRTG Network Monitor Paessler provides a world-leading IT monitoring solution that now also allows the inclusion of IoT scenarios and production environments.

INSYS icom: the link between IT and OT

INSYS icom develops and manufactures intelligent industrial routers which act as gateways to enable communication between OT and IT.

Central monitoring with PRTG and INSYS icom

Paessler’s PRTG Network Monitor uses the INSYS icom gateways to retrieve data from production that is only accessible via OT protocols. Via MQTT these gateways also allow direct access to the data of many machines, controls and industrial PCs behind the router. For an IT admin the gateways of INSYS icom accordingly open the door to the OT level of production.

In combination with the classic monitoring functions of the PRTG Network Monitor this enables comprehensive and reliable monitoring of the entire production environment, business process or specific procedures. It serves as the basis for any higher-level IT system (e.g. SCADA, MES or ERP).

Production and IT are therefore combined in one solution and in one dashboard or control centre. It is also possible to create individual dashboards for specific teams, so that users are only shown the information that is relevant to them. A connection to the PRTG mobile apps enables the responsible staff to be informed immediately in the event of failures, malfunctions or irregularities.

The Paessler PRTG Network Monitor:

With PRTG Paessler provides a world-leading monitoring solution which, thanks to a documented API and support for different protocols such as JSON or MQTT, also allows the inclusion of IoT scenarios and production environments beyond a pure IT monitoring solution.

However, many machines are not yet capable of supporting IT-compatible protocols and still communicate via fieldbus protocols. This is where the intelligent gateways of INSYS icom come into play.


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