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Data communication optimises operational safety and maintenance costs in water management

How data usage and remote diagnostics increase the efficiency of maintenance and operating

Water is life and a secure supply of clean water has been one of the most important foundations of our social and economic life since the Roman aqueducts. In this critical area, innovative technologies and progressive digitalisation are opening up new opportunities for maintaining supply security and quality at the highest level, while significantly reducing operating costs.

Optimisation of maintenance costs and operational reliability in water supply can be easily realised by operators with INSYS icom routers including software and service solutions.

The task: reliable water supplies in line with the highest quality standards

The comprehensive and effective overall management of water and wastewater facilities is a challenge. From the extraction and storage of groundwater to its distribution through an extensive network of pipes and its return via the sewer systems to the treatment process as well as the handling of rainwater: a broad spectrum of tasks arises which are ultimately critical for safe water supplies. Water levels, pressure and flow conditions must be reliably monitored, faults must be quickly detected and valves, flaps, pumps and filters need to be replaced or repaired without delay. Added to this come the complex testing and monitoring of water quality.

The challenge: high monitoring and maintenance costs

In order to ensure secure, stable and high quality water supplies, an enormous effort is involved in the diagnosis, management and maintenance of the water network. In view of an increasingly ageing infrastructure, these efforts are leading to ever-increasing costs on the part of both suppliers and consumers.

The solution: a reliable device platform for remote diagnosis and alerting

INSYS icom supports operators and service providers in the water industry with the digitalisation of existing and new installations – as well as in meeting IT security standards for critical infrastructures (KRITIS). The latest communication technology and remote diagnosis solutions are applied to the central monitoring of all plants, which enables seamless real-time monitoring, including optimised service and maintenance models. This reduces both work and costs.

The solution: flexible routers with Edge functionality and deployment planning

The routers by INSYS icom provide the necessary interfaces for the use of different data sources in monitoring applications. A modular software architecture enables the configuration of almost all use cases without special IT knowledge, and even offers the possibility of operating alarm solutions directly on the routers transformed into gateways.

Routers for independence of location and operational reliability

The modular routers for network monitoring and control offer flexible interfaces for data acquisition or remote maintenance. Secure connections via DSL, fibre or 4G/5G and specialised VPN solutions are possible.

  • Flexible interfaces for monitoring, e.g. Modbus
  • Data exchange with process control systems
  • Connection of various devices such as data loggers, switches, routers, etc.
  • Variable connection via DSL, WAN, fibre or 4G/5G for data communication

Software with Edge functionality

The modular concept consisting of routers and software functionality enables the design of parameterisable plant networks with decentralised intelligence, which runs locally in the gateways of various stations, as well as comprehensive alerting scenarios.

  • Interface handling, status handling and transfer functions with icom Data Suite
  • Operation of individual alerting solutions within the icom SmartBox

Configurable services

Solutions from INSYS icom always make use of a wide range of integrated services, with the help of which the implementation is fast and safe and the maintenance of the gateways is also carried out without significant work or cost.

  • VPN solutions from the icom Connectivity Suite offer secure data communication for critical infrastructure – also as a complete service.
  • icom Router Management enables the simple administration of even large numbers of devices
  • The SIM service provides flexible data communication via mobile networks for IoT and M2M applications, including management solutions

Gained in practice: Remote monitoring of water supply with STEBAlarm on MRX gateways

“We plan to switch any existing and future software of STEBATEC to the MRX. We also use the MRX routers for our partially guided or MID controlled pneumatic sewerage control. The MRX is simply a great device!“

Jonathan Brechbühl
Head of support
Stebatec AG, Brügg (CH)

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