Mobile quality assurance

Mobile Process and quality assurance, everywhere and in real time

Proof of performance and protection against legal recourse by means of digital reporting

In remote locations and under difficult conditions, robots or special vehicles are often used in construction or redevelopment projects. In this context, process recording and process documentation are important as proof of performance. Reliable and tamper-proof quality assurance can now be performed from anywhere and in real time.

INSYS icom routers have all necessary interfaces for the use of all data sources for the design of digital reporting processes of a machine.

The task: verification of technical processes

First of all, this does not refer to manufacturing processes of mass products with optical quality checks and AI (optical inspection) – different standards exist in this case. Instead we are talking about special applications, for example redevelopment vehicles or robots that carry out complex work in inaccessible places. Here flexible and reliable quality assurance is needed as proof of performance and to prevent legal recourse. In short, we are talking about many use cases, some of which serve important change processes in remote locations and have so far recorded data locally. An example is a pipe repair robot, which typically stores the work progress data locally while working in the pipe. But how does the data get to the central locations where it is required? Manual transmission or the use of data carriers such as USB sticks are not secure against tampering and mix-ups.

The solution: mobile data communication

The most sensible solution is to connect such devices and vehicles to the Internet – typically via mobile networks. The use of Internet gateways offers the possibility of transmitting process data and progress messages to the relevant target locations in real time or at least in a prompt manner. These are usually operators or systems used in project management. The use of sensor technology and mobile communication as well as the exclusion of manual interference optimises the documentation process and offers protection against tampering and mix-ups.

The solution: designing the reporting processes

The INSYS icom gateways provide the necessary interfaces for the use of a variety of data sources such as sensors. The modular software architecture enables the design of digital reporting processes for the ideal implementation of the requirements of performance records and progress documentation.

Router for mobile use under harsh conditions

Router with a range of hardware options are available to combine a wide variety of sources for data acquisition, as well as internet communication via mobile networks and even stand-alone power supply.

  • Product portfolio with flexible interfaces for data recording or monitoring
  • Connection via 4G/5G (optionally also redundant)
  • Reliable power supply through redundant energy supply and low-power operating modes
  • Connection of a wide range of devices such as data loggers, sensors, cameras, etc.

Edge functionality and cloud solution in tandem

Configurable modules of the icom Data Suite on the routers allow the flexible design of various use cases, including edge functionality to enable applications locally on the device, vehicle or robot.

  • Use of the icom Data Suite for interface handling, status handling and data exchange services
  • Implementation on the principle of “configuring instead of programming
  • Execution of individual software in a secure Linux container environment (edge environment)
  • Connection of cloud services for the bidirectional exchange of status and control data without the need for additional software

Configurable services for security and connectivity

In addition to the INSYS icom hardware and software, a broad range of services is available to meet various requirements and increase flexibility.

  • The VPN solutions of the icom Connectivity Suite offer secure data communication
  • SIM service for flexible data communication via mobile networks throughout Europe
  • iRM device management for convenient administration of large numbers of devices

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