Remote control

Worldwide remote access to your industrial installations

NOW AVAILABLE: Home office for your service personnel

Location-independent access

Access your production systems and machines reliably and securely, no matter where they are located (and increase their availability.)

Cost savings up to 60% *

Modern remote troubleshooting saves on travel and valuable service personnel time, all while reducing the costs per service case substantially.

Increased productivity

React quickly in the event of a malfunction, and remedy faults directly from remote. This reduces downtimes many times over.

When does remote maintenance pay off?

What effects does a remote maintenance solution have on your service visits and your business model? Find out in our webinar!

The solution for your maintenance team

Accessing your machines and systems immediately and remotely in the event of a fault? Monitoring conditions even when you aren’t on site? Or even avoiding breakdowns before they happen by identifying problems in advance?

We’ve got the solution!

Remote maintenance and remote control are not just buzzwords or a new gadget. They are an already established solution for reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The subject is becoming more and more relevant, as digitalisation means that there are more and more interesting and sophisticated solutions available to meet the requirements.

At INSYS icom we are able to make this complex topic easily accessible to you. Our 100% in-house solutions enable more cost-effective, modern maintenance operations from remote.


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Our industrial VPN routers ensure encrypted and stable access to your plant or machinery – even independently of your existing company network.

A secure VPN tunnel enables your service experts to check the condition of the equipment, read out faults and correct them immediately – without having to work directly on the machine. Simply log in, select the relevant machine and you have full access to your data from any location.

With this new status quo you also have access to additional benefits: your data provides valuable information and offers you new insights for the purpose of optimising further processes, planning targeted service assignments and, above all, developing new cost-cutting opportunities.

We offer you all components you need for remote maintenance:

Our remote maintenance solution will enable you to remain competitive

Remote maintenance, remote control and monitoring the condition of plant and machinery from a distance are essential functions, not just in times of crisis. Our successfully implemented customer projects are sure to inspire you. We have the perfect solution for your company, too!

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* Opportunities for cost savings:

1. Acquisition costs of additional Hardware like data logger, IPC, etc;
2. Elimination of on-site operations in most of small failures;
3. High efficiency of service operations in case of severe failures. More information in our webinar.