MRX – the flexible power

High-performance and convertible for individual solutions


    The smart MRX routers combine KRITIS (critical applications) level IT security, state-of-the-art technology, high computing power, sophisticated administration and programmability. The basic variants DSL, 4G and LAN can be supplemented as required with additional plug-in cards (MRcards) – including customer-specific MRcards. Two digital inputs are already included in all variants. A variety of redundancies such as the parallel operation of WAN interfaces and VPNs create highly available communication.

    • Hardened operating system icom OS
    • Modularity and retrofitting capability
    • Powerful communication
    • Redundancy also on hardware level (4G, DSL, LAN)

    Flexibility of design

    Start with the optimal hardware combination for each individual application.

    Extension options

    Additional interfaces required? Supplement your application with additional MRcards.


    New technologies available? Future MRcards enable fast and cost-efficient updates, e. g. to 5G.

    Gateway functionality

    Flexible hardware, scalable software and premium support guarantee optimal long-term operating conditions.


    This VPN router offers the following impressive highlights:

    • High performance and high VPN data rate
    • Modular expandability through plug-in cards (MRcards)

    • Connection redundancy also in hardware (4G, DSL, LAN)

    • 5 Ethernet ports (expandable to 17)
    • 2 digital inputs (basic versions, expandable)

    On board thanks to the operating system icom OS:

    • Comprehensive IT security functions
    • Connection redundancy incl. multiple VPNs
    • Comprehensive network functionality with multiple IP networks
    • Edge computing and IoT functions integrated

    Suitable accessories for the MRX:

    • Magnetic Antenna 4G/3G/2G SMA

    • Outdoor Wall Antenna 4G/3G/2G SMA

    • Magnetic/screw/adhesive Antenna 4G/3G/2G SMA

    • Panel Antenna 4G/3G/2G

    • Antenna Extension Cables 5/10/15 m SMA

    • Power supply 24V
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    Test our routers without obligation and free of charge for 30 days!