Our hardened Linux operating system

Our solid foundation for secure and trouble-free communication

All INSYS icom smart devices run on the hardened icom OS and INSYS OS operating systems and come installed and ready to perform.
The highly professional programming environment based on Linux containers (LXC) not only guarantees the basic functions and routing, it allows you to run various programmes and scripts virtually that are independent of the router itself. In spite of this only those Linux components required for a secure application are qualified and integrated.

The EBW, IMON, MoRoS and RSM router series use the INSYS OS operating system.
For high-performance gateway-capable routers such as the MRX, MRO, ECR or SCR series, icom OS is the standard.

icom OS is also hardware independent. This means that customers can use different devices within our Smart Devices according to their requirements without having to learn another operating system.

Powerful Capabilities:

  • Extendable with individual software and applications
    (Smart Box with LXC container)
  • Event-driven WAN switching for redundancy or fallback
  • Extensive diagnostic, debugging and monitoring functions
Maximum IT security

Compatible with the IT security requirements of ISO 27001, ISMS, BSI, EnWG §11 Para. 1a and BDWE-Whitepaper


Meets the requirements of critical infrastructure (KRITIS) applications in the energy industry, water supply and disposal and mechanical engineering

Optimum usability

Impresses with outstanding user-friendliness and high efficiency in conjunction with applications such as device management (icom Router Management)

Gateway functionality

Creates the basis for a router to function as a multifunctional, sophisticated gateway in industrial networks

Compatible devices:

Routers with INSYS OS:

Switching from routers with INSYS OS to routers with icom OS brings you a considerable advantage in terms of functions:

  • New operating concept, e.g. profile manager
  • Extended configuration options, e.g. user roles
  • Use of WAN chains and firewall-in-tunnel
  • Migration of existing INSYS Sandbox applications to the icom SmartBox
  • Use of several parallel SmartBox containers for the consolidation of different tasks in one device
  • Use of the icom Data Suite as a multiple IoT gateway
  • and much, much more

For a simple switch from the INSYS OS operating system to icom OS, we have compiled the most important information in a compact white paper and will be happy to support you.

Important Advice
The MD5-Hash-Function for OpenVPN certificates will no longer be supported. Since icom OS version 3.7 the function is no longer available due to widely known security issues. Please read the corresponding Release Notes for detailed information.