MRO – the compact 4G power

Mobile communication and important interfaces on board


    The smart routers of the MRO series are powerful mobile communication devices for IIoT and M2M projects in industrial and critical infrastructures. The compact housing contains reliable LTE communication technology, a serial interface, two digital inputs and a digital output. The routers can be administered flexibly and have a 5-port switch that can also segment local IP networks. The MRO-L210 variant is equipped with LTE frequencies for North America.

    • Hardened operating system icom OS
    • High-performance communication
    • 5 Ethernet ports
    • Serial interface
    Existing systems and new project planning

    You can even transfer existing systems into modern IoT environments using a serial interface.

    Inputs and outputs

    Transmit application statuses via the integrated digital inputs and outputs.

    Slim design

    Save space in the control cabinet thanks to the narrow housing.

    Gateway functionality

    High quality hardware, scalable software and premium support guarantee optimal long-term operating conditions.


    The VPN router offers the following impressive features:

    • High performance and high VPN data rate
    • 5 Ethernet ports
    • RS232
    • 2 digital inputs, 1 digital output
    • Comprehensive IT security functions
    • Connection redundancy incl. multiple VPNs
    • Comprehensive network functionality with multiple IP networks
    • Integrated edge computing and IoT functions

    Matching accessories for the MRO:

    • Magnetic Antenna GSM/UMTS/LTE SMA
    • Outdoor Wall Antenna LTE/UMTS/GSM SMA
    • Magnetic/Screw/Adhesive Antenna LTE/UMTS/GSM SMA (only MRO-L200)
    • Antenna Extension Cable 5/10/15 m SMA
    • Power supply unit 24AC/DC
    Technical information

    Comprehensive technical information can be found in the product data sheet:

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