MIRO – Compact. Easy. Secure.

The MIRO is a compact mobile router with which you can network your plants easily, securely and cost-effectively.

The MIRO is a flexible, very compact mobile router that provides a stable Internet connection. It has genuine industrial quality and can be flexibly mounted. Thanks to two Ethernet ports, digital input and output and the hardened icom OS operating system, it networks systems easily and securely. Together with the managed services icom Connectivity Suite – VPN and icom Router Management, you can set up a secure VPN connection in no time at all and centrally manage roll-outs of firmware or security certificates.

As a scalable, industrial-grade, stable and compact mobile router, the MIRO is particularly convincing in the areas of digital signage/POS, vending machines and service stations.

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Welcome on board, MIRO-L200!
Plant networking simple and secure with the MIRO router family

Markus Heider, Head of Competence Center Applications & Technical Consultant, will show you in an entertaining session, that the MIRO is “simply industrial” and will focus on the various areas of application and the scalability of the industrial router.

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MIRO – simply industrial

Industrial Router - MIRO
  • flexible mounting options
  • plug & play connection of managed services
  • compact design
  • extensive security functions

MIRO – secure and flexible for many applications

Due to its compact design, stable Internet connection and attractive price, the MIRO is particularly suitable for the following applications:


  • High availability 24/7
  • Secure data transfer for billing

Advantages through MIRO:

  • Easy connection of inverters/data loggers
  • Transmission of operating parameters for fault diagnosis
  • Secure internet connection for feed-in billing
Mit einer sicheren Internetverbindung zum Senden von Betriebsparametern oder zur Einspeiseabrechnung garantiert der Mobilfunkrouter MIRO hohe Verfügbarkeiten (24/7).


  • Level and control monitoring

Advantages through MIRO:

  • Sending operating parameters of the control system
  • Sending an alarm as soon as the container is full
Mit einer sicheren Internetverbindung zum Senden von Betriebsparametern oder zur Einspeiseabrechnung garantiert der Mobilfunkrouter MIRO hohe Verfügbarkeiten (24/7).


  • High availability 24/7
  • Future regulatory requirements, e.g. secure payment

Advantages through MIRO:

  • Central Internet connection for internal components
  • Compact installation space
  • Easy retrofit for 3G shutdown
Due to its compact design and the central internet connection for internal components, the MIRO-L200 from INSYS icom is ideally suited for use in charging stations of electric cars.


What is the main function of the MIRO?

The MIRO is a compact mobile router with which you can connect your systems easily, securely and cost-effectively.

What can be connected with the MIRO?

There are many possible applications for the MIRO. For instance, the mobile router can establish an internet connection for small solar plants, connect an inverter or a data logger and transmit the data to the control centre. Another example is the connection of a remote waste container with the headquarters so that the operating parameters of the control system can be read.

Can edge functionalities also be realised with the MIRO?

With the de MIRO, you can monitor values and include an alarm function via SMS. For more complex data analyses, other router models from INSYS icom are suitable.

Can the MIRO also be used as a replacement for a 3G router or modem?

The new MIRO router covers the entire bandwidth of 4G/LTE.

Can the MIRO also be mounted directly on a plant?

The MIRO can be flexibly mounted via a DIN rail or directly on the wall.

Do I have to install any software to get the MIRO to work?

No, like all INSYS icom routers, the MIRO runs on a hardened Linux operating system and no additional software is required for the start-up. You also do not need separate software for our VPN service of the ‘icom Connectivity Suite’.

Where and under what conditions can I purchase the MIRO?

We sell our portfolio through our distribution partners. They always keep the products in stock so that you can order them as needed at any time. Depending on the sales volume or project size, you can always request a special price. We evaluate this and then ensure that you receive an exclusive offer via the distributor.

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