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Know the current state of your industrial assets in the field

Challenges in digitalization of industrial assets in the field

Lack of technology expertise

Manufacturing industries and energy suppliers, especially in medium-sized segment, are overwhelmed by new technologies like IoT platforms, -connectivity, edge computing, machine learning algorithms etc., where expertise and experience is lacking.

Complex and cost intensive integration

Amongst other, this lack of know-how causes cost-intensive and complex IT/OT integration projects.

Security and data privacy

Issues of technological security and data protection create additional complexity and uncertainty.

Over 85%* of installed industrial assets are not connected today.
*Source: VDMA

Instantly connect, integrate and remotely control your industrial assets with a self-service toolset – easy and without extensive costs!

Why INSYS icom and Software AG?

  • INSYS icom is the perfect partner when it comes to remote access to machinery, plant and other equipment and transmission of their operating data. Thereby, the manufacturer significantly advances the digitalisation and implementation of the Industrial IoT (IIoT).
  • The industrial routers & gateways by INSYS icom are “Cumulocity IoT ready“, to be easily applied to various industrial IoT applications as
    well as in demanding environments (critical infrastructure).
  • Software AG, a software technology partner, provides a solution with its world leading IoT platform Cumulocity IoT that allows you to get started in a few minutes without programming. Cumulocity IoT offers a rich set of self-service driven solutions e.g. Asset Management, Machine Anomaly Detection or Predictive Maintenance.

Joint solution from INSYS icom and Software AG

Use cases

Remote monitoring and maintenance

What? Gas Leakage Management
How? Continuous measurement and management of gas grid

  • To reduce leakage and optimize pressure
  • To meet environmental goals

More about the success story with Utonomy Ldt. (UK):

Condition Monitoring

What? Monitoring of cool chain/production line of ice cream manufacturing
How? Sensors detect temperature along the cool chain
Why? To guarantee of food safety

  • fewer machine breakdowns
  • more efficient production

Predictive maintenance/-refilling:

What? Monitoring of fuel levels of mobile heating stations
How? Refilling units can be dispatched before fuel runs low

  • To optimize the refilling process
  • To save costs

Additional information and free trial

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