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Networking of decentralized systems with Orchestra juno

Harmonization of decentralized system landscapes


  • Availability of a flexible, location-independent infrastructure
  • Future-proofing by retrofitting existing systems to current standards
  • Centralized provision of data through harmonization of decentralized system landscapes
  • Minimal configuration effort with simple support paths
  • Reliability and fail-safety through robust systems

Solution of INSYS icom and juno

“Plug and Produce” solution for rolling out based on INSYS icom Gateway and juno Edge Client:

  • The juno Edge Client buffers the data in case of a network interruption and transfers the data from the old to the new protocol.
  • The preconfigured solution preprocesses raw data quickly and easily and aggregates and provides them directly at the plant or machine.
  • Local data pre-processing and data filtering, as well as forwarding to higher-level systems, reduce network traffic.
  • Machine and plant data are integrated via standard industry protocols.
  • The solution offers KRITIS-compliant communication and secure remote maintenance.

Practical applications

Success story: networking of decentralized water supply systems


About 150 decentralized distributed water supply plants are to transmit their plant and system data to external customer and supplier systems using standardized protocols.


With the help of the distributed installed juno Edge Client on the INSYS icom gateways, a conversion to ‘state-of-the-art’ technologies is achieved. Data from the plants is pre-processed locally and made usable in hybrid cloud systems.

INSYS icom industrial gateways also provide a secure, stable remote maintenance function to respond quickly and efficiently to alarms in case of emergency and to intervene remotely in case of failures. The hardened Linux operating system guarantees fail-safe, KRITIS-compliant communication between the distributed systems.

Customer benefits:

  • Future-fit through external configurability
  • Retrofit of existing systems to current standards
  • Local data pre-processing (data buffer, filtering, aggregation)
  • Fast and smooth delivery and commissioning of new plants

Use case: retrofit


Retrofit: transfer of RS232 data to file, https, SMB and different other new protocols


INSYS icom gateways with installed juno as intermediate module, which maps data from the old to the new protocol

Customer benefits:

  • Future-proof sustainability
  • Retrofit of existing systems to current standards
  • Data provision for further predictive analysis
  • Basis for “data to the customer” business models

Use case: shopfloor automation via plug & play


  • Integration of machine data via standard protocols
  • Clear network separation of production and administration
  • Flexible and easy process configuration
  • Visualization of production and machine data in PRTG Monitor


  • “Plug and Play” via OPC UA and various other protocols
  • Operator presses a button at machine terminal
  • juno pulls data from machine via OPC UA and/or Orchestra config and triggers the production process
  • Meter measures production piece and the measured values are provided in the terminal and PRTG Monitoring

Customer benefits:

  • Low process modeling effort for data provision (protocols) – preparation (aggregation, filtering etc.) and processing
  • Performance, through the division of computing power
  • Scalability, due to the fast processing of data

soffico GmbH

soffico is an international company that develops and offers individual and future-proof software solutions. The Orchestra software is at the heart of this. It enables secure, comprehensive networking of internal and external IT systems. The Orchestra Edge Client ‘juno’ also enables the simple connection of decentralized system landscapes via gateway.

By providing a flexible, geographically independent system infrastructure and integrating hybrid cloud services, traditional, local systems are interconnected and resources are conserved locally. Through pre-processing and buffering, large amounts of data can be reduced, and information can be stored de-centrally and accessed independently of location.


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