Rhebo GmbH

Combined cybersecurity and high-performance data collection in OT

Multiple functions on one device

Combination of IoT applications, OT monitoring and anomaly detection on powerful smart devices by INSYS icom.

Rhebo: OT cybersecurity and availability

Rhebo provides real-time detection and reporting of cyberattacks, vulnerabilities, technical error states and other communication changes in OT.

INSYS icom: Connecting IT and OT

INSYS icom develops and manufactures smart industrial routers that act as gateways to enable communication between OT and IT.

Comprehensive Integrated Cybersecurity for the Operational Technology (OT)

Rhebo Industrial Protector complements the data collection and data processing functions of INSYS icom smart devices with OT cybersecurity and network condition monitoring functions. The network monitoring with anomaly detection continuously analyzes the communication within the OT. This is done passively and non-intrusively to prevent disruptions in OT communication.

Any changes (anomalies) in communication patterns – such as cyberattacks, manipulations, vulnerabilities and technical error states – are identified, assessed and reported in real-time. In addition, Rhebo Industrial Protector provides detailed information on network quality and performance. All incident details are stored for root cause analysis and can be used for process optimization and predictive maintenance.

Together with the detailed network map, operators of critical infrastructures and automated manufacturing get full visibility into the current risk exposure and availability status of their Operational Technology at any time.

Anomaly detection with Rhebo Industrial Protector

Rhebo Industrial Protector is an OT monitoring solution with anomaly detection specially developed for industrial automation networks. Using innovative deep packet inspection technology, communication is analyzed down to content level to detect even changes at function or value level. Network operators are informed in real-time about suspicious communication and changes in communication behavior – even for novel threats such as zero-day vulnerabilities and unknown attack patterns. All details are provided in the universal PCAP format for immediate forensic analysis.

OT and ICS (Industrial Control System) operators profit:

  • Immediate and comprehensive visibility from network to single devices through system-wide asset discovery & inventory.
  • Mitigation of cyberattacks, espionage and malware through industrial anomaly & threat detection
  • Increase of plant availability through network condition monitoring for technical error states and misconfigurations.
  • Continuous evaluation of risk and security controls (e.g. according to IEC 62443) through behavioral analysis of all network activities and reporting of existing vulnerabilities.
  • Comprehensive defense-in-depth approach with OT intrusion detection.


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