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Remote maintenance and energy management easier than ever before.

Cross-site energy management and energy monitoring for stores, retail and logistics companies

The best of two worlds

OPTENDA and INSYS icom simplify the energy management of companies with many locations. Data is collected on site with the IoT Gateway from INSYS icom. The Energy Monitor software visualizes the energy consumption.

OPTENDA: Energy monitoring for transparency in energy consumption

OPTENDA’s Energy Monitor software creates the basis for optimizing companies’ energy efficiency with its detailed analysis of energy consumption.

INSYS icom: the bridge between IT and OT

INSYS icom develops and manufactures intelligent industrial routers “made in Germany”. The smart devices enable communication between OT and IT as gateways und therefore, lay the foundation for precise remote access and targeted monitoring.

Digital, fast and simple: Energy management with OPTENDA and INSYS icom

With the Energy Monitor from OPTENDA and the Smart IoT Gateways from INSYS icom, a very flexible solution consisting of energy data management and remote maintenance can be established for many sites. Working remotely makes the technical support and energy management of the individual sites significantly easier.

The Smart IoT Gateways from INSYS icom takes care of the data collection on site. Here, the data from all energy meters or from the networked building control system converge. The transparent overview of the energy flows in the company and the individual locations is ensured by the Energy Monitor. Messages are also sent directly to responsible persons in the event of an acute need for action – e.g. due to a malfunction or failure. Via the remote maintenance function of the Smart IoT Gateway from INSYS icom, maintenance work can be performed remotely. Downtimes of plants can thus be significantly reduced.

In addition to the remote maintenance solution via the INSYS icom gateway, the Energy Monitor is a great support as a tool in the company’s energy management and performs many tasks that are necessary for the ISO 50001 or EMAS certification – for example, in the search for optimization potentials, in the tracking of measures or also in the recording and monitoring of CO2 emissions. All these activities can be software-based, digital and largely automated.

Save energy and costs with the Energy Monitor

With the Energy Monitor, you always have an overview of your company’s energy consumption: the software automatically records all consumption data for individual energy sources such as electricity, gas, water, heat quantities, cooling requirements or, if applicable, compressed air in addition to other measurable media. The resulting transparency of where, when and how much energy is consumed enables potential savings to be identified. This increases energy efficiency, saves costs and prevents energy waste.

The software also meets the requirements for an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001:2018, making it easy to use within your company. In addition, an unlimited number of metering points can be integrated, which facilitates the energy management of multiple locations and branches in particular.


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