The networked future

Digitalisation as the new standard

Today, more than 30 billion devices are already connected via the Internet – even rising to more than 75 billion by 2030 (CRISP Research). Initially we think of household appliances and computers in this respect, but this development by no means ignores industrial appliances, machines and even entire facilities: wind turbines, solar parks, waterworks, robots in manufacturing and entire production facilities have to be monitored around the clock – sometimes in the most remote locations.
Developments which simplify operations and save time and money can be felt here many times more forcefully than in the rest of the IoT (Internet of Things) market. Companies are therefore facing the crucial step of digitalisation.

The key to your success: Data communication

In all companies, IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology) are moving ever closer together. In the first stage OT design and IT strategy need to be combined and coordinated into an integrated digital strategy.

In some cases existing IT and OT worlds are “encouraged” to work together via interfaces. Other companies rely on a radically new digital strategy. In both cases, all efforts are focused on secure and reliable data traffic. This is the basis for a successful cooperation between IT and OT.

We link IT and OT

We deliver data

“Mid-sized companies such as INSYS icom which specialise in project operations and have significant R&D resources of their own, are highly attractive partners for the implementation of IIoT projects. They are innovative, flexible and fast – unlike large corporations. In terms of cost efficiency and consulting quality, too, they are in no way inferior to large corporate groups.”

Michael Bauer, Digital Entrepreneur, DigiE GmbH

With over 27 years of expertise in industrial data communication INSYS icom acts as the perfect bridge between both worlds, making an impact with the use of its own ecosystem of device management software, VPN services and the icom Service Cloud – everything backed by quality “Made in Germany”.

INSYS icom turns challenges into opportunities

With its routers and gateways, INSYS icom is well-established in the public infrastructure and in many production facilities. Without our customers there would be neither clean drinking water nor green energy or warm swimming pools, no consumer products or industrial goods such as machines, aircraft and production machinery. This makes INSYS icom a trusted partner to companies operating locally or worldwide in the manufacture of the machines that make everyday life possible.

Thanks to our many years of expertise in secure communication and remote maintenance, we have extensive know-how relating to software both on embedded devices and in the Cloud.

We understand the needs of our customers and can therefore provide them with their own ecosystem. In this way we support our customers in exploiting the development potential of digital products.

Florian Froschermeier, Senior Manager Product Management, INSYS icom

“Our customers can develop this ecosystem over the long term to connect their machines in the field, process protocols locally, analyse data and deliver this data to their server-side application. Within their company customers feed the data to all services and processes necessary for the provision of the digital components of their products. Your company can benefit from this, too! We’ll be happy to advise you.“

Many successfully implemented projects demonstrate the value of what we do

Find out here how other companies have mastered their challenges and secured both cost efficiency and competitive advantages with our support.