Wind energy

Managing the energy transition with industrial routers in the wind farm

The rapid transition to renewable energies is no longer just a question of climate protection and sustainability, but also of commercial competitiveness and national security. As an active player in the wind energy sector you are in a key position. This is because, on the one hand, security of supply has to be guaranteed at all times in spite of naturally fluctuating energy yields.

On the other hand, installations need to be operated efficiently and cost-effectively in the long term. In addition, there are the industry-specific requirements such as acceptance on the part of local residents or the protection of passers-by, animals and aircraft.

Your complex world of requirements

  • Protection for birds and bats
  • Monitoring and prevention of ice shedding
  • Reduction of shadow flicker
  • Automatic emergency shutdown
  • Requirements-controlled beacons
  • Protection against lightning strikes

INSYS icom will be happy to advise you!

INSYS icom is the ideal choice for the connection of wind turbines for optimising operations, monitoring and maintenance.

INSYS icom has been operating in the energy industry for 30 years and knows the challenges faced by the wind energy sector. INSYS icom’s solutions cover applications such as networking, remote maintenance, remote control and condition monitoring, which play a key role in the operation and maintenance of a wind turbine.

This ensures reliable monitoring and control of the installations, and creates the basis for data analysis for the optimisation of the running time. INSYS icom solutions can also be used for feed-in control and direct marketing. They are also frequently used for integration into virtual power stations.

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What makes INSYS icom so ideal?


Future-proof expandability of the hardware thanks to the modularity of the MRX series and guaranteed long-term software updates.

EDGE computing

Combination of various interfaces and no need for additional hardware.

24/7 remote access

Maintenance of the systems to reduce service costs and optimise time and resources

CRITIS compliance

Fulfilment of CRITIS requirements as well as various industry-specific regulations such as species protection.

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Successful components for the energy transition

Modular MRX router series:

The connection options (4G, DSL, fibre) and interfaces (serial, digital, analogue) offer a high degree of flexibility – tailored to the required configuration and depending on requirements (e.g. redundancy).

VPN solution for remote access and 24/7 networking:

Various VPN options provide maximum security for wind turbines. As part of your overall solution all necessary requirements are effectively and reliably fulfilled via the INSYS icom Connectivity Suite, without taking up much space on the DIN rail in the wind farm distribution board. A range of operating options offer maximum security, combined with simplicity that does not require IT specialists on the part of the operator.

Edge computing:

Monitoring and processing of data Monitoring, alerting and remote maintenance without programming input via the perfectly coordinated INSYS icom software solution including protocol conversion, data logging and connection to SCADA and cloud platforms.

Start-up and operation

Secure roll-out concepts as well as automated management of many devices in the field, updates of firmware and containers for flexible edge computing certificates, and configuration for optimal lifetime operation with security updates.

INSYS icom – your digitalisation expert for industrial data communication and networking

With our core specialisations of remote maintenance, remote control, condition monitoring and data networking, we provide a reliable and secure basis for the energy transition.

Our solutions are therefore often the central gateway for secure communication between closed and secure networks via the internet. In this sensitive environment in particular, the issue of security is of fundamental importance. For this reason, we apply the following: Whether hardware, software or managed service – the security of our solutions is our top priority.

Hundreds of institutions from critical infrastructure fields rely on our products, which are entirely developed in Germany and produced in Europe. Among other areas, they are used in the fields of water and energy supply, from solar plants and virtual power stations to large wind farms and electricity grid operators.

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