Competence and passion since 1992

INSYS MICROELECTRONICS has a long, intensive history full of dedication, joy, struggle, passion and success. From our beginnings as a small start-up we have developed into a reliable, internationally active technology partner and attractive employer in the region.

Founded in 1992

Location: Regensburg

More than 100 employees

30 years of experience

Electronics development

Quality and technical expertise distinguish us and our products. Our technology and product developments are always state of the art and often ahead of their time.

Matter of the heart

Our company contains the energy of each individual. Amid the professionalism of our staff the passion and team spirit at INSYS is always noticeable.

Team work

We would like to thank everyone who has accompanied, supported and made INSYS what it is today.


In our company brochure for our 25th anniversary we recall the people, technologies and milestones in the history of INSYS.