3G network shutdown

Goodbye 3G, and now?

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In the course of the expansion of 5G technology, more and more network operators are starting to decommission their 3G networks (UMTS) in the short to medium term. This brings challenges and opportunities for the data communication, because 3G will no longer be available nationwide in many countries.

Industrial routers that previously communicated via 3G will fall back to the 2G network after the 3G shutdown. The significantly lower 2G data rate may lead to functional losses in the process. With the limitation of the data rate to max. 220 kbit/s with EDGE or 54 kbit/s with GPRS, applications such as monitoring and remote maintenance in industry, utilities or infrastructure are hardly feasible anymore.

In addition, 2G is also in question, and in many countries has already been switched off or set to be.

For long term on the safe side with INSYS icom

So, what can you do to keep your machines online anyway? Quite simple:
With cellular routers and gateways from INSYS icom, you are on the safe side in the long term, because

  • Our cellular routers support 4G and at the same time are downward compatible to 2G
  • The modularity of the MRX enables multiple communication technologies in one device, including future extensions e.g. to 5G.