icom SmartBox

We’ll provide you with the latest generation of integrated computing power based on Linux with the icom SmartBox. It is more versatile, flexible and, together with our powerful routers, a very powerful tool for realising M2M and IoTapplications (apps).

In contrast to the previous INSYS Sandbox, the icom SmartBox allows to program and execute different apps in parallel and completely independent of each other in so-called Linux Containers (LXC). The individual containers can directly be accessed via an own IP and MAC address. Moreover, a direct communication between the individual containers (e.g. via APIs) is also possible. Each container can be encrypted.

Like the INSYS Sandbox, the icom SmartBox is also completely independent of the router firmware and configuration.


  • Parallel operation of several apps on one router
  • Completely independent of router firmware and configuration
  • Own IP and MAC address per Linux Container
  • Direct communication between the containers (e.g. via APIs)
  • Encryption possible (e.g. know-how protection)

We are happy to support you with

  • the migration of apps from the INSYS Sandbox to the icom SmartBox,
  • the design and realisation of apps for the icom SmartBox

and train you how to deal with the LXC environment.

Currently supported routers: